Charges Over Lewd Emails Unlikely

Kane-ConferenceThe man in charge of investigating the lewd emails sent by state officials admits those officials likely won’t be punished in any significant way.

Special Prosecutor Doug Gansler told Craig R. McCoy of the Inquirer that “porn-gate” will probably not result in any criminal charges.

Gansler stated that any actions uncovered by his team could more accurately be described as a “policy violation, possibly an ethics violation.”

Furthermore, Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo stated that Gansler doesn’t have the authority to prosecute anyway since he doesn’t have a Pennsylvania law license.

The AG’s office has also abandoned their plan to sign Gansler to a separate contract pertaining to his work as Special Prosecutor. Instead they will follow the guidelines of the office’s contract with the former Maryland AG’s law office.

Gansler is being paid $76 an hour and estimates that the costs could ultimately end up being around $2 million when all is said and done.

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  1. Very valid point. My personal opinion is that we’ll never see them all. There are still many skeltons that are buried in these emils. A fine example is the Harrisburg lawyer who is alledged to have sent some of the emails. This was all new news to those following this case.

  2. I wouldn’t even trust AG Kane to hand over all the emails to the Inquirer if the court told her to.

  3. Unsanction. Agreed, there are also RTK laws that would apply since Gentsler said he saw no criminal misconduct yet. If a newspaper were willing to obtain the emails and print them online then great. I just dont see that as an expense they would be willing to take on. There is one way of resolving it. You can email the editor of the Patriot and ask him upon receipt, would they pay for the things we spoke of and post all of them on their website? I think you would agree we have a very biased media some conservative some liberal. I would hate to see the responsibility go to them and trust they are telling us the truth in that everything was posted. Im curious if any other members here might have a soloution or idea?

  4. If AG Kane decides not to publish them (say because it puts her and family in a poor light) then they’ll need to be requested and potentially fought for to see the light of day.

  5. Unsantioned…….im not looking to start a fight with you.

    I never said i was a public school teacher but ill tell you im not.

    .I realize that too hence my last post about the Patriot news only publishing a few days. Its an economics issue. Is a newspaper going to go through all those emails, pixilate them, remove offensive words. Im sure they dont have the money to pay someone to do all that. Plus who knows how long it would take. Plus, there is a possible litigation factor the first time someone notes a breast wasnt fully covered up. I just dont think newspapers are right source for this. Put them all up on the internet unedited where you and I can be assured they have not been altered and these are the emails that Gansler made his decisions on.

  6. Publicschoolteacher, Just so you’re aware, newspapers also have websites and can pixelate and note where appropriate.

  7. Unsanctioned. ………Do you think that newspapers are willing to print all of the emails in this case. The Patriot News dosent even print a paper everyday anymore. While i agree newspapers have the ability to file RTK requests and follow them up with litigattion if necessary I still think that they will not wish to print every email. The cost would be prohibited. Plus, do i want that paper to fall into the hands of minors. I know our kids are smarter than us regarding computers etc. but lets not make any easier for them to buy a copy of tge newspapers. Again, what about the pictures, language etc. Put it online with disclaimers. I bet people would be willing to purchase a password good for 5 days and have the money in turn donated to a childrens victims fund.

    There is one question though. Does anyone know why MS. Kane and her 2 mail companions one of which is testifying against ever went to Haiti?

  8. Bungy. I totally agree with you on that point. If someone just received them. Never looked at them. Didnt send any thats a different standard. You are right anyone can email you anything. Its what you do with it that counts.

    Unsanctioned. I dont want any liberal or conservative editor of a newspaper deciding what gets printed . Put everything up on the up on the internet with a disclaimer so we all can see and decide

  9. It’s been a while, what have I missed? 🙂

    Sounds like we’ve paid Gansler to flag emails for potential policy or ethics violation. We have a right to know how our tax dollars have been spent. Let’s see all of them. Which newspaper will get them first?

  10. Schoolteacher, the point I was making is that just about every workplace( private or government) E-mail network is filled with controversial E-Mails. Why are only Kane enemies being CRUCIFIED for their E-Mails. Some of these guys never even sent any E-Mails, they only received them. It’s hard to control people sending you racy E-Mails.

  11. Only have been on this blog for a few short weeks but from reading the old posts i think i have an idea where most people stand.

    Bungy Your idea is ridiculous. Who is going to pay for it and what would it prove. If the emails were as bad as Kane described and Gansler said he cant prosecute why would we waste more money for the same results. I would think any government Agency can conduct their own review of their servers.

    Spongebob. Find out who sent these emails. 1 person like the lawyer in Harrisburg or others and if so how many. Once identified were they government workers, were they ever told to stop sending them. Post all the emails although i dont know if offensive words and pictures should be posted or would a simple disclaimer be enough.

    Its obvious with the FBI’s wiretaps that MS Kane and/or associates may be in for additional charges.

    Do the right thing regarding those employees which were fired and rehire them. Give them a 30 day unpaid suspension but it appears unfair that they were fired others were disciplined and in some cases no action was taken. I think Fina and the other Attorneys need to be held to a higher standard and some action needs to be taken against them. This also applies to Judges, DA’s, etc.

    Let the court of public opinion decide this. If you publish the emails of those who actively reviewed forwarded or commented on and its obvious they engaged in this. Public humiliation will and should be an adequate punishment. However, i do feel sorry for the spouses and children of these individuals.

    Appoint an internet compliance officer who is sworn before the grand jury giving him permission to review all emails on a specific government site. Should this person open an email and sees that HiIPA related, CHRIA related, and otherwise government buisness cease further review. Have emplyees sign a waiver saying there emails could be monitored and if abused the necessary action would be taken. Have said compliance officer issue a quarterly report to the AG, DA whoever and once reviewed offer it to the press for publication. Establish a zero tolerence policy.

    Im sure you guys have good ideas as well and maybe someone from the party can put something together and offer it as a policy to officeholders.

  12. You may remember that I tried very hard to smear Corbett’s team. In the end, I was forced to retract all of it because of where the facts led.

    Believe me, I charged my investigator to leave no stone unturned. He was so good that he uncovered the porngate emails that family and I were a part of, but, the point is that I wanted so badly to put the abuse of boys on the shoulders of my enemies.

    Unfortunately for me it turned out that they were the heroes who probably protected many more victims–even today.

    It is Michael Jackson’s death that keeps his hands out of boys pants. It wasn’t his prosecutors. We should all be thankful that Corbett’s team did what California’s rush to arrest couldn’t do and keep a monster off the streets.

  13. The new JUDGE of the court of public opinion will be Our future President TRUMP. He will exonerate and in some cased REWARD the people who have been vilified by the PC police. Trump HATES the PC police and will love the E-MAILS.

  14. Yeah no I am not Fina, but I am tired of the people who come on here and make every story about Fina thinking they are going to see him in an orange jumpsuit. Just not going to happen. Not for this at least. He should not be on a public payroll but he should also not be I jail or they would have to build new ones for an awful lot of people besides him. The only true justice is to release all the emails regardless of party or person and let the court of public opinion rain down on all those involved.

  15. I’ll be the judge. Let’s let all those emails sent on public time and resources see the light of day.

  16. With an argument like that, scoring Fina a winner, SpongeBob must actually be Fina.

  17. Lets get real people, these types of email chains go around in private business emails as well. In the private sector, most likely the employees would get a stern slap on the wrist and told to knock it off. I don’t see these as a reason to lose ones job, but more of a political move.

    Meanwhile PA taxpayers are wasting $2 million dollars to pay for others political agenda.

  18. I don’t want Fina to go jail. I do want to see him bounced off the public payroll so that taxpayers aren’t putting food on his table. Let him send dirty racist emails on his own dime while he competes with other shysters for the next slip-n-fall client.

  19. I am waiting for the “Fina is going to prison” cheerleaders to show up. I wonder if when they finish crying about how Fina put them in jail will they finally realize they lose? I mean while ruining someone’s reputation sucks, it’s not even close to being as bad as being arrested and put in jail. And the ahole likely keeps being an attorney. Say what you want but minus Fina ending up in prison, he wins his battle with Kane. Her political career is done. She is radioactive for years. The emails likely come at completely which she could have controlled but gave up on because she was too busy protecting people. Hell even if Gansler releases emails there will still be a question as to were they all released since he has shown himself to be less than impartial. The only way you can score this is a victory for Fina.

  20. bungy-

    Let’s give him access to all the anonymous PoliticsPA postings by government officials and workers. 🙂

  21. Lets make it real fair. Let Gansler have access to every city, state and federal office holder and workers e-mails for the last 10 years. I KNOW for a fact that the Phila. city council members who were crying racism, would not fair to well. Why only the OAG office?

  22. I agree with gulag. I think though it should be important to clarify who is sending the emails compared to receiving. Just like there is the database list of the 100k salary club the list could be indexed and with counts and totals by sender. I know that some of those disciplined got little to no major mark on their file because they were able to show the emails being placed in their junk mail/spam folder. Release the emails and let us shame those who sent the emails out of office, role etc…

  23. For a change, I agree with SpongeBob on a point: Post all the emails online and let the public take revenge at the polls. To facilitate matters, add a list of all porn email participants with name , position, and salary.

  24. I am not saying he won’t be judged but, people here act like he sent hundreds and hundreds of hate messages. Was he acting shady, yes. Was he acting different than other act? I don’t think so. Where are you and why aren’t you railing away on all these Dems who keep getting arrested/caught in crimes? It’s always someone else’s fault with you. What’s the point of having power if you don’t use it a little I guess right?

  25. Fina and the GOOD OLD BOYS NETWORK will never lose. THey will only grow stronger with A TRUMP PRESIDENCY.

  26. SpongeBob

    Are you too stupid to realize that Eakin failed to recuse himself, and used his buddy to act as “independent” reviewer of his emails to the board. Then, he tried to fill an opening on the board before it ruled on him?

    I guess you are.

    I love your qualifier that “almost” all weekend where sent to him, not by him. Ignoring that some were sent by him.

    He’s getting judged.

  27. Not surprised at all coming from the government. Those in power can pretty much get away with breaking the law and get away with it.

  28. Please Eakin sent a dozen emails. Almost all of the ones he is being tagged with were sent to him not sent BY him. I love people who want to clamor that they get to use free speech to bad mouth people on sites like this but argue against it in someone’s personal email.

  29. on this very site there were a bunch of posts talking about Fina being in an orange jumpsuit when Gansler was done. That’s all I am referencing. And sure Kane is an absolute loser. Her political career is done. So she can try and claim to be a martyr but the more emails that get released that show how partisan she was in the process the less people will believe she was focused on good. We don’t need a special prosecutor. release all the emails and let the public skewer those who acted inappropriately. Put the 2 mill she will try to spend towards healthcare, homeless people, something where actual good can come.

  30. Eakins could be on his way out… ethics violations.

    How many lawyers, judges are still employed?

    I’m sure they have kept up their lewd and racist emailing in private and off govt computers, but they still harbor those beliefs.

    Good to have a list.

    Maybe the people they sent to jail on biased prosecutions might deserve another look at their cases.

  31. You morons think this is a win for Fina? Lol. And a loss for Kane?! No one ever thought anyone would go to jail for porn emails. They only hoped they could be publicly disgraced and lose there Judgeships and jobs. So my count still has it as Kathleen Kane 3 porned up old white guys 0!! Keep going Kane you’ve surviving.

  32. So something someone did 3 to 7 years ago at a place they don’t currently work is cause to fire someone? They have been there too long, they know where the bodies are buried. It’s not likely anything happens to them and if it does all it will do is cost the taxpayers once they sue and win. This is the very definition of lose lose.

  33. The policy and ethics violations may be enough reason to fire people for cause.

  34. “I have no authority under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to prosecute anyone. I will not, therefore, prosecute anyone.”

    – Gansler

  35. bu bu bu bu but….I swore Fina was going to jail…… And once again the PA taxpayer gets screwed so Kane can try to attack her enemies. Are there any democrat lawmakers not under indictment or awaiting trial?

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