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Chelsea Clinton Comes to Carlisle

chelsea-clintonFresh off her appearance at an NYC fashion show fundraiser the night before, former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton found herself in the cramped confines of Carlisle’s Democratic Party office on Wednesday afternoon.

Taking to the stage in front of around a hundred people packed into the workspace and spilling out onto the sidewalk Clinton told the central PA crowd about her “unapologetic” support of her mother Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

For those outside, Clinton’s message was punctuated by at least a dozen tractor trailers obliging the “Honk Trump” sign painted on a truck across the street.

Clinton said her children have made her realize this year’s race pitting her mother against Donald Trump is the “most important election” of her lifetime.

“But even if I weren’t a mom, this would be the most important election of my lifetime because everything that I care most about I worry is at risk,” Clinton said during the short stopover, her first campaign event since the Democratic National Convention at the end of July. “All the progress that President Obama has made – the progress I don’t think he gets enough credit for having made to move our country forward – and all the opportunities for further progress that his leadership has really enabled.”

She highlighted her mother’s bipartisan efforts as First Lady and NY Senator on universal health care reform, improving public education, paid family leave, “equal pay for equal work and ensuring that women’s rights are always moving forward and not being pushed backward.”

“It matters that she has a record of finding allies and building alliances wherever, whenever possible to actually deliver for our country and our future,” Clinton said.

chelsea-clinton-2Clinton reminded the crowd of the state’s Oct. 11th voter registration deadline – “It’s my parent’s anniversary, so I’m not going to forget the registration deadline here in Pennsylvania” – before urging supporters to talk to as many people as they can about the issues they care most.

Her most pointed remarks came during a quick press conference after the speech, where she responded to Trump’s comment that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a “presidential look.”

“I would hope that everyone could see that as the sad, misogynistic, sexist rhetoric that I hoped we had moved beyond in the 21st century, certainly in 2016,” Clinton told reporters.

9 Responses

  1. breaking news Monday September 12, 8:30 am – Hillary diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor the size of a golf ball. See you at her funeral!

  2. STFU, FOXtard. No one cares about your Repervlican talking points …. Obama …. Facist ..,,,
    Muslim …. Soros ….

    You are a fucking idiot.

  3. WOW! This young person speaks to “all the progress” made Obama??? What progress other than to sell the US to Soros, his Commie mentor and donator, and to the United Nations ! We are being overtaken by fascists and commies as well as by Muslims who wish to destroy us. That’s the progress made by Obama which she is cheering. How sad for all Americans to see this happening to people of this age. This is also the result of education.I pray our Constitutional Republic can be saved and restored to its past historic glory.

  4. Questions
    Where does she work again? How old is she? How much does she make? What other previous experience did she have prior to this million dollar job???
    Answers Clinton foundation
    36 years old
    Hahaha these fools actually think nobody sees this and they actually think they can get people to believe that the Clinton’s are poor and care about other poor people

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