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Chrin Launches Ad Tying Himself to Trump in PA-8

Republican Congressional candidate John Chrin launched a new ad in the 8th Congressional district primary tying himself to Trump and staking out his positions.

“Like President Trump John Chrin is an outsider going to Washington to take on the establishment and drain the swamp,” the ad’s narrator says.  

The ad continues to tie Chrin to Trump by staking out his positions.  

The narrator says Chrin will “protect our borders, ban sanctuary cities, fight for the forgotten families” and is a “proven job creator who will take the fight to liberal lawyer Matt Cartwright.”

Chrin is running against Joe Peters and Robert Kuniegel in the Republican primary.  

You can view the ad here.  

12 Responses

  1. Trump embodies the 7 deadly sins PRIDE, GREED, LUST, ENVY, GLUTTONY, WRATH AND SLOTH.

    Trump is a crook, Trump is a liar, Trump is totally immoral. Trump banged a porn star while his wife was at home with their infant son. On paying hush money to the porn star Trump said “it’s what wealthy people do”. Those who tie themselves to Trump endorse his immoral ways. The economy will fail, gas prices are going up, perhaps another war will start in the middle east with Iran. The lives of young solders will be lost and many will come back with mental and physical problems. The Trump family will continue to gain wealth while the middle class continues to struggle. The national debt will continue to soar. And Trump and his administration will continue to disrespect American heroes like John McCain who was beaten and tortured in Vietnam while Trump suffered greatly from bone spurs. MAGA – Make America Gag Again.

  2. You remind me of the incident recently when a boat sank in the ocean. In the lifeboat, the Trump supporters where in one end of the lifeboat and the believers in democracy were in the other end. One Trump supporter says to the other, “Aren’t you glad the leak is in the other end of the lifeboat”.

  3. Chrin apparently missed a turn off of Route 81 and thinks he is in Alabama but, unfortunately, he is in Scranton. This worn out conservative dogma is not going to work in Pa-8. Chrin is out of touch with the district because it is not THAT dogmatically conservative.

    1. So an area that voted for Trump in waves isn’t going to be in favor of Trump? Look at the numbers, Lackawanna county is 2 to 1 Democrat to Republican yet Hilary beat trump by 3k votes. Even better Luzerne County has a voter registration gap of 30k more democrats than republicans yet trump won the county by 30k votes. So please tell me how trump is not popular in NEPA.

  4. John Chrin IS the ultimate outsider. He’s from outside the district and outside the state.

  5. How does Chrin care about NEPA when he doesn’t even live in NEPA? How can he address our community’s concerns when he lacks ties to Scranton? How will he be any more accountable to us than Cartwright is? We need better than Cartwright, and Chrin isn’t that!

  6. Dumb ass – Trump is the establishment and his entire crime syndicate is the swamp. Any voter that is still buying any Republican message are morons. By voting for any Republican, you are sentencing our once great nation to failure.

    1. Trump maybe President ,but he is not the establishment.How many in government is on his side ? The Swamp is big government.And the economy has improved !

    2. How do you continue to take in air when your head is so far up your butt? Are you that ignorant? The Republican message is voters keeping their money in their pockets and being able to make their own financial decisions. If that doesn’t resonate with you, you don’t have a pulse. (like most of the voter roll in Philly!)

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