Chris Matthews is Really Excited Philly is Hosting the 2016 DNC (VIDEO)

“Philly, Philly, fo Philly, bonana fanna fo Philly…Philly.”

Or something like that. MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews, a Philadelphia native, broke into song in an appearance today on the Andrea Mitchell Show.

Needless to say, Matthews was excited at the prospect of the Democratic Convention coming to Philadelphia in 2016. Who knows, he may have even felt a tingle or two.

“We’re gonna have to restrain you,” said Andrea Mitchell.

Matthews listed off the great history of national politics in Philadelphia and spoke of the possibility of the convention being used as a launching pad to unseat Republican Pat Toomey in the United States’ Senate. Matthews threw out the name of Joe Sestak as a possible challenger.

“All the values that have not always been honored,” Matthew inferred, come from Philadelphia.

“Grab the meaning of the flag, not just the flag,” Matthews continued. “It’s an education for people to go to Philadelphia.”

Philadelphia last held a convention in 2000 when Republicans nominated George W. Bush. The last Democratic convention to be held in Philly was in 1948. The Republican Party will be holding its 2016 gathering in Cleveland.

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