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Clarke Goes to Bat for Shapiro in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

Darrell Clarke is the second-most powerful official in Philadelphia.

In fact, some have argued he is the most powerful politician in Philly.

Either way, his endorsement in a Democratic primary is a valuable one to have and Josh Shapiro is trying to get all he can out of it.

The Philadelphia City Council President is the star of the Attorney General hopeful’s new thirty-second TV spot, which is titled “Equal Justice”.

“I’m backing Josh Shapiro for Attorney General because things have to change,” Clarke states in a direct-to-camera testimonial. “We need criminal justice reform because our prisons are far too over-crowded. We have to deal with drug addiction through treatment not incarceration. And to use our prisons for those who are truly violent and we need to get illegal guns off our street.”

The ad then lists Shapiro’s prominent Philly supporters, former Gov. Ed Rendell chief among them.

“Josh Shapiro will be an Attorney General committed to fairness and equal justice,” Clarke concludes.

Shapiro is running against Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala and Northampton County DA John Morganelli in the April 26th Democratic primary.

21 Responses

  1. Steve Zappala is the right choice for our next Attorney General of PA. He knows the Job of Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Josh is just joshing people into voting for him. He has been a County Commissioner for most of his career – a political operative. Josh Shipiro is not the best person for the job. Steven Zappala is the most qualified.

  2. Clarke you won’t be Mayor. Johnny Docs doing Bobby Henon. Helping Shapiro helps Dougherty. Dougherty will give his ground troops in the NE and NW to Shapiro. Therefore hedging his bets to insure no matter who wins AG. No one prosecutes!! Wake Up Darryl your out of the loop. Moron

  3. Hahaha…I am disgusted that I have to pick between these two. Or three, actually. Morganelli is no great option either.

  4. Regarding Zappala and his “burying” of a report critical of the white cop who shot Leon Ford (unarmed African American), this is the article that was quoted last week:

    [A]ccording to a previously withheld internal police memo [report], only released under threat of sanctions … “In its conclusion, (the report) says the incident could have been entirely avoided,” said Rabner [Ford’s attorney].

    Rabner said the 2012 memo from the police bureau’s critical incident review board criticized officer David Derbish’s [the officer that shot Ford] actions and said he violated multiple procedures. The review board is comprised of command staff and looks at incidents like the Ford arrest to see what lessons can be applied to improve future outcomes.

    The memo was part of discovery evidence only released by county prosecutors after Judge Machen threatened to dismiss the case. The memo could turn the case in Ford’s favor, Rabner said.

    Ford, 21, was shot multiple times by police during a November 2012 traffic stop after officers from Pittsburgh’s Zone 5 station misidentified him as a Lamont Ford, with whom they’d had previous contact …

    Saying he was satisfied at a July 1 hearing that everything had been turned over, Judge Machen declined to sanction the Assistant District Attorney for withholding evidence. Rabner said he was “disgusted” that he had to ask for sanctions to get a report [from Zappala’s DA’s Office] that was written a year ago.

    He said he would file another motion to have the charges dismissed in light of the new evidence … As a result of the shooting Ford was left paralyzed.

    Ford was then charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest.

    The Jury found Ford Not Guilty.

  5. Agreed, Senator. it is a shame. But I’d rather have an inexperienced guy than an experienced one with ethical issues.

  6. HaHaHa…..yeah. Too bad that we can’t compare Josh’s plea deals.

  7. He kicked this off with a hack comment; and now he is whining about hack comments. Boo hoo!!

  8. This is the greatest endorsement ever! I was undecided until I saw that <> endorsed Josh. Now my mind is made up. Josh is the best choice!

  9. Little Gilll — an internet tough guy who would NEVER call anyone a “boy” to their face.

  10. He cancels the short list of Uncle Toms that the mob has purchased for Sonny Corleone’ campaign.

  11. Clarke is the man in Philly. Trusted by all. Smart. Forward thinking. I now know who I will be voting for. I barely know who he is – but Shapiro has my vote.

  12. a good ad by the Council President…it is a shame he is backing the least qualified candidate and the one that provides Dems the least chance of winning in November. I guess his endorsement of McGinty will be forthcoming as well.

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