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Clinton Addresses Union Members At AFL-CIO Convention

Hillary AFL-CIOYesterday, Hillary Clinton had the opportunity to speak at the AFL-CIO Convention held in Philadelphia.

Secretary Clinton started off by acknowledging her family’s Pennsylvania roots, explaining that her grandfather worked in the Scranton mills when he immigrated America. Clinton said she would visit him from Chicago and that those experiences allowed her to “respect the dignity of hard work”. She went on to say that fair representation on the job is at stake in this election, noting the fact that Donald Trump is instead proposing to build walls and “pitting Americans against each other”.

Clinton continued to focus her attention on her opponents by explaining that none of her competitors are prepared to accomplish the three goals she believes are vital for the next President: delivering results, keeping America safe and bringing the country together.

Hillary also took time to focus her attacks specifically on the Sanders campaign, stating that she and Sen. Sanders agree on many things but disagree on how to go about achieving the things they promise. In particular, she expressed concern for the legislation that Sen. Sanders wants to propose as President.

“Like a lot of people, I am concerned that some of his ideas just won’t work because the numbers don’t add up, others won’t even pass Congress or they will rely on Republican Governors suddenly having a conversion experience and becoming progressives,” Clinton continued asserting that “in a number of areas he doesn’t have a plan at all.”

She then went on to address raising the minimum wage and her support for Governor Wolf as well as the unions who are on the forefront of this battle. She then went back to attacking Donald Trump, who claims that wages are too high. However, she didn’t just focus her attacks on the front runner on the Republican side. Clinton also took a shot at Cruz who, as well as other Republican lawmakers, are pushing for a national right-to-work law which she stated could possibly dissolve unions and drive wages down.

Clinton pledged that if she is elected President she will work with the unions by creating new manufacturing jobs and investing in infrastructure, creating a “manufacturing renaissance”. She then moved on to address trade claiming she will stop any trade deal that won’t help American workers or raise wages. At this point, Clinton referenced her vote against CAFTA when it was brought up during her time in the Senate as well as her opposition to the TPP that was introduced last year.

The Presidential hopeful wrapped things up by asking for the support of the union members in attendance. But Clinton’s appeal for support seemed to have a tone focused looking more toward the general election rather than the approaching April 26th primary.

“If we reach for love and kindness and respect instead of bluster and bigotry, if we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, if we stay true to the promise of America, there is no challenge we can’t meet or barrier we can’t break.”

11 Responses

  1. Hilary Clinton – and her husband – have been bought and paid for by Wall Street. Bernie or bust.

  2. She will create manufacturing jobs? And stop trade deals? How come when Bernie makes statements about his plans, he is accused of not saying how he will accomplish these lofty goalsFree college? Nonsense. Medicare for all? Can’t be done. But when Hillarry makes these ideas of hers( and none of them are new) she gets a plug from the news media, and from party faithful, and from the lobbyists. They are great ideas and only Hillary can get them through. All because suddenly the Congress that said ” no” to Obama will say”yes” to Hillary.

  3. I think the Senators
    wanting progress on Judge Garland’s
    consideration for Scalia’s replacement
    on the Supreme Court should make
    charges of obstruction of Congress
    against the G.O.P. leaders in the
    Senate and let the Supreme Court
    decide whether these Senators need
    To do the job they swear to do when

  4. Some people are prone
    to believe all the garbage strewn about
    Hillary! The e-mail thing is a joke as previous
    Secs. Of state Powell &Rice did the same!!
    The Benghazi thing is in my opinion not a fair
    accusation of her as the persons went there
    on their own without the required security and
    She was in a different country, information
    Quite often gets confusing during crises!!!!

  5. It is very obvious that a
    Very large part of the people voting for Bernie&

    Trump are not aware of how our goverment
    works and that the President is restricted
    In things he can do without congress approval!! It is obvious that Bernie or Trump
    would spend 4 frustrating years sitting on
    Their finger up you know where!!!

  6. I want to ask all you working
    Class voters ” what has the G.O.P. Done for you in the last 100 years ??”
    ” what has Bernie Sanders accomplished
    In his multi years in congress??
    Why does the G.O.P. Attack social security and Medicare year after year?? Maybe the
    Bastards are without parents on these excellent Democratic programs???

  7. Hillary would be the first person to push TPP once elected. Just like Bill screwed us with NAFTA. Union members don’t trust Hillary nor does the general public. She is in free fall and fading fast. Bernie is surging and will likely win PA. You can You Tube (Sanders Temple Speech). It is exhilarating. Hillary needs to retire. She no longer stands for anything except the status quo—her rhetoric is only b.s. and everyone knows it. Finally!

  8. Sean:
    Oh my god there’s a #BernieBlackout on PoliticsPA! Stop the presses!

  9. Any reason why Bernie’s 10,200+ rally in Philly isn’t getting coverage here? Hillary is rotten and corrupt. Bernie or bust.

  10. Hate to say it (because I am a pathetic FOXtard) but Ms. Clinton sounds downright Presidential.

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