Clinton Camp Appeals to Latinos in Latest Ad (VIDEO)

The Hillary Clinton campaign is up with a new TV ad meant to appeal to Hispanic and Latino voters.

The thirty-second spot, though, never explicitly identifies itself as a Latino-specific commercial. In fact if you were to judge it solely on its script, you would conclude the ad was no different than any other one. That’s because rather than mention issues like immigration, it has a general economic security message.

The only distinction is that all the people in the video and the narrator are Hispanic and/or Latino.

Titled “For Those Who Depend On Us”, the commercial hits four of Clinton’s bullet points for families, namely: 1. Relief for child care costs 2. Debt-free college 3. Equal pay for women 4. Paid family leave.

The ad, which hits airwaves today, is an implicit rebuke to Donald Trump’s campaign and may have even been chosen to contrast to his first general election commercial. In his commercial, border security is the primary topic.

In addition to Pennsylvania, this ad will air in Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada and Ohio.

7 Responses

  1. And if your Aunt was a man, he’d be your Uncle. As it stands, Hillary is hands down the most qualified to be POTUS. Of course – her opponent is a two-bit grifter fraud.

  2. Hillary would be nothing more than a congressional aide if she hadn’t married Bill. She isn’t any more qualified to be Prez than Monica Lewinsky.

  3. What’s racist about offering someone a landscaping job? Children today so fragile.

  4. Wait until The Donald offers them all jobs landscaping at his golf courses. Then when its explained how racist that is, The Donald will say it was sarcasm. What, nobody can take a joke?

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