Clinton Camp to Open 350 GOTV Offices in PA

clinton-kaineHillary Clinton is going all out to make sure she wins Pennsylvania on Election Day.

That’s according to Gabriel Debenedetti of Politico, who describes the Democrat’s get out the vote effort.

“In Pennsylvania — where Clinton has consistently led largely due to her huge margin in Philadelphia’s suburbs — her long-planned late organizing surge is already underway,” Debenedetti writes. “And the campaign is now set to open more than 350 get-out-the-vote offices in the homestretch, building on the campaign’s 56 field offices, according to an internal memo from state director Corey Dukes, obtained by POLITICO.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign remains confident in their operation.

“I went to a couple of Trump headquarters [on Friday], and you can’t get to the door [because they’re so full], people are making calls, collecting signs,” Rep. Tom Marino told Debenedetti. “The Clintons put too much emphasis just on concentrating on the Philadelphia area, and not on the rest of the state.”

Hillary Clinton’s next scheduled stop in PA is for a concert Katy Perry is holding for the campaign in Philadelphia on Saturday.

5 Responses

  1. Its election day in PA suburbs and I went to vote and our Upper Darby district 7 machine was down when they opened this morning. I never had a problem before.

    Please call someone. I dont trust or like provisional ballots. Some people walked away to go to work. I’ll return later. Please dont let Trump trump the election.

  2. Either way, we get a new president who is even crappier than the one we have now, or the one we had before him. I’m still sticking with Gary Johnson. If we’re going to go down in flames, at least I will have kept faith with my principles and not voted for someone who lacks integrity.

  3. You’re in the midst of a dream, Tim. You’ll wake up on the 9th with Trump going down in flames.

  4. Good! I’m glad she’s dumping money into the state! Good for the economy! Too bad she will lose though!

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