Clinton Campaign Touts Ground Game in PA

hillary-clinton-happyWith less than fifty days until November 8th, the Clinton campaign is letting supporters know they’re confident in their Pennsylvania ground game operation.

“Here in Pennsylvania, our campaign is running as though we’re ten points behind, taking absolutely nothing for granted,” Hillary for Pennsylvania State Director Corey Dukes writes in a memo to staff and supporters. “For months, the coordinated campaign has been organizing both online and on the ground. To mobilize and help elect Hillary Clinton and Democrats at every level, we have coordinated at all levels and in all aspects of the campaign to ensure resources are maximized up and down the ballot.”

Dukes notes that the Clinton campaign and the DNC have 55 offices throughout the commonwealth compared to the RNC’s six. The Dems are also focusing intensely on the all-important collar counties (Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery) that surround Philadelphia, as almost two dozen of their offices are located in SEPA.

Most of the memo is focused on the efforts the campaign has made to register voters in Philly and the rest of the state as well as the division among prominent PA Republicans towards Trump.

The most illuminating sections, though, still pertain to the campaign’s infrastructure.

“Since August 1, we’ve had 14,153 volunteers complete at least one volunteer shift, recruited hundreds of neighborhood team leaders, made 2.5 million phone calls, and volunteers have completed more 87,675 hours of activity, including phone banking, door knocking and voter registration, among others,” Dukes reveals.

The Clinton team believes those efforts will make the difference come Election Day.

6 Responses

  1. Observer- everyone knows campaign contributions are to be used patronizing your own businesses. (sarcasm)

  2. Tim: Yes, you can make it up. Trump does it all the time. Otherwise known as a pathological liar. It is a common GOP trait.

  3. She is running a ground game, you need to run if you want to win or take things serious. Yes, she has money like others but she also has the ground game and fighting. I admire people who put in the effort and has a good ground game.

  4. Cross eyed Crooked Hillary has a big surprise in store for her army of supporters if she is elected! A big fat raise in their federal income taxes to support the parasites! ha, ha, ha,ha, ha! + as an added bonus she’ll borrow trillions more sending the federal debt into record territory! ha, ha, ha,ha,ha! you just can’t make this stuff up!

  5. Ground game? Lolol… She is running a 1996 campaign in 2016. No wonder she keeps sliding in the polls… I do admire how quickly she is pissing away all that Wall Street money!

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