Clinton Focuses on Children in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton is putting another commercial on the airwaves.

The sixty-second spot, titled “Measure”, using footage of various kids having their height measured as a metaphor for working to make sure kids have the opportunity to grow in life.

“We face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do,” Clinton states. “Working together, respecting one another and never giving up.”

“I want our success to be measured by theirs,” she concludes.

This ad stands out from most of the Democratic nominee’s other commercials in that it is a positive spot that features Clinton talking to the camera and doesn’t mention GOP nominee Donald Trump.

It is set to air in Pennsylvania as well as Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio and national cable.

10 Responses

  1. Hillary’s a very generous lady. If elected, she’ll give kids the sleeves off her vest after she boots more poor kids off welfare.

  2. I’m with her. Yes she made some mistakes in life, we all have. But before she was known by the world and once she got known. She fought for kids, minorities, disabled and women. Someone who gave back to her community and continues to fight for our rights and fairness. She also has the experience, and can work across the aisle. They had 16 choices and they could picked someone else. Look at Trump’s record, behaviors, disrespect and dealings. Sorry but Clinton is the right choice and the only choice.

  3. Pathetic FOXtards continue to spread lies about Hillary.

    As The Atlantic noted, Hillary is on record explaining that she favors “a late pregnancy regulation that would have exceptions for the life and health of the mother.” [Rolling Stone, 10/5/16;The Atlantic, 10/5/16]

  4. In the basket, that statement is false and was proven so long ago. Do you even know how to use SNOPES? While you are entitled to your own opinions, you are not entitled to making up facts.

  5. She also defended a rapist against a 13 year old girl saying the girl led the guy on. SERIOUSLY!!
    And it’s okay to take money for the Clinton foundation (who just laid off 74 workers) from Benghazi and other countries who believe they a legal right to beat their wives and children to death if they displease them. She would have all voters believe she is cares about women and children…no..she cares for Hillary Clinton ONLY!

  6. As in all things Clintonian, very slick. But let’s NOT forget that once Hillary and Bill made it to the White House using these tactics last time, Marion Wright Edelman kicked Hillary OUT of the Children’s Defense Fund (and her husband quit his White House staff job) over Hillary and Bill kicking millions of poor children and mothers off the food stamp and assistance programs. She must think we are all as stupid as her Hillbots.

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