Clinton Headlines Rally for Kane

Willow Grove — Bill Clinton took the stage at Upper Moreland High School in Montgomery County Thursday evening amid an enthusiastic crowd. He stood with Kathleen Kane, the former Lackawanna County prosecutor running for Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Kane is one of two Democrats on the ballot in the April 24th primary. Her opponent is Patrick Murphy, a former Congressman from Bucks County.

Kane presented herself as an “independent prosecutor” who would serve as the “chief law enforcement officer of Pennsylvania, not as a politician.” The former Lackawanna County prosecutor, focused on her background of prosecuting more than 3,000 cases of child abuse, sexual assault, elder abuse, white collar crime, murder and public corruption.

“We are so energized and humbled and honored,” she said.  “For President Clinton to take time out of his very busy schedule…to come here and be with us shows that he cares about the people of Pennsylvania…he knows this job.  He knows what it takes and he knows the person that is going to do it.”

Clinton, a former Attorney General himself, called the post “in some ways, the best job I ever had.”

“The answer is easy, and its Kathleen Kane,” Clinton said to the crowd of over a hundred supporters who had gathered in the Upper Moreland HS gymnasium for the rally.  “She’s the only candidate that has literally spent years using the power of the law to protect women and children from abuse, to protect seniors…to protect the most vulnerable.”

Clinton’s the highest-profile endorsement in the race so far. Murphy has the backing of most of Pennsylvania’s Democratic party leaders, including former Gov. Ed Rendell, and all of Pa.’s major unions.

Kane campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2008, leading her northeast Pa. efforts. Murphy was an outspoken supporter of Barack Obama in the primary.

5 Responses

  1. No Repuke can take out Murphy in an election, they would rather see the female win considering all the war on women stuff that’s been coming from them recently. Republicans HATE women and THAT would be where they’d win.
    “Kane is a tried and true Democrat. Big Bill wouldn’t throw this kind of support behind a Republican.” – Hardly. Kane was a registered REPUBLICAN up until very recently. She admitted to giving money to Tom Corbett, you know the loser Republican that just took health insurance away from 40,000+, insurance that was already PAID FOR – all to steal the money from the fund. And if you want to pretend to be a “dem” yourself, you may want to do some research – the Clintons were also Republicans first.

    Anyone that believes anything that the last two morons commented are most “definitely” STUPID (IE: Republican).

  2. Kathleen Kane is, most definitely, a Clinton Democrat. Kathleen Kane is, also, most definitely, independent of party leadership and independent of union leadership and the candidate most likely to depoliticize the Attorney General’s office and most likely not to abuse prosecutorial discretion.

    Only a Democrat will fairly investigate LeRoy Zimmerman, Sandusky and Senate Bonusgate. One party rule has been less than desirable.

  3. Hey TJ – for a Republican you sure are going “hard to the hoop” for Murphy. I take it you Republicans want to see Murphy win because you know you can eviserate him in November.
    Kane is a tried and true Democrat. Big Bill wouldn’t throw this kind of support behind a Republican.

  4. If only the former Prez could accept the fact that he isn’t the leader of his party any longer. This whole endorsing the opponent of candidates that didn’t support Hillary makes him look like a sore loser.
    I wonder how much the PA Democratic Party is going to love Clinton if Kane gets the nomination?

    I know a Republican when I see one (because I am one). Kathleen Kane looks like a Republican to me. The PA GOP will have a field day if Kane is the nominee. Where has she been the last 5 years? She sure as heck wasn’t protecting the rights and values of Pennsylvanians. Murphy on the other hand has an actual record to run with.

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