Clinton Holds Rally In Philadelphia

Clinton-Kaine PhiladelphiaAccompanied by Tim Kaine and his wife as well as her own husband, Hillary Clinton began her bus tour through Pennsylvania by speaking in Philadelphia at Temple University.

The bus tour is going to focus on jobs as the Clinton campaign tries to win the vote of blue collar workers across the rust belt.

Clinton began her speech by thanking the people of Philadelphia for holding the Democratic convention stating she “was thrilled that so many Americans from everywhere got a chance to see Philadelphia.”

She then thanked Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, former Governor Ed Rendell, Rep. Bob Brady and recognized Senate candidate Katie McGinty as well as Attorney General candidate, Josh Shapiro, who were all in attendance.

Hillary Clinton had just accepted the nomination at the convention the night before and touched on her feelings since officially becoming the nominee.

“I don’t know about you, but I stayed up really late last night,” she said. “It was just hard to go to sleep. It was so exciting and, I have to tell you, it was also kind of overwhelming. I take deeply and with great humility what this campaign imposes on us. There is no doubt in my mind that every election in our democracy is important in its own way but I can’t think of an election that is more important in my lifetime. And it’s not so much that I’m on the ticket, it is because of the the stark choice that is posed to America in this election.”

She proceeded to point out the differences people could see between the two conventions claiming that the Republicans “might as well have been talking about a different country.”

Clinton then went on a string of statements against Donald Trump’s “negative, dark, divisive picture of a country that is in decline. He insisted that America is weak…I watched and heard that. It set off alarm bells.”

In the middle of her speech, a man exclaimed “Hillary Clinton is a war criminal” and was removed immediately without any incident, while the crowd responded by chanting “Hillary!”

Clinton then brought it back to the point of the bus tour, which is to educate voters about her plan within her first 100 days in office to “make the biggest investment in new, good paying jobs since World War II.”

Before walking out to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Clinton made a statement that is similar to one she has made before:

“At the end of our convention, I knew that every parent in this country could look at their son or their daughter and now say the very same thing, you too could be president of the United States.”

The rally was a kickstart to a bus tour that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will be going on Pennsylvania and making stops in Harrisburg as well as Pittsburgh before continuing the bus tour into Youngstown and Columbus, Ohio.

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  1. Back on the subject here – Hillary Clinton now leads by 9 points in most recent CNN poll. And that one has not even captured the impact ofTrump attack get a Gold Star family. Wow.

  2. @Margaret Motheral I think they are all members of the Buildiburgs and Trilateral commission.

  3. The retired Admiral said that Trump isn’t fit to shine John McCain’s boots.

    McCain recently condemned Trump.

    The VFW just called out Trump for “lashing out” at a US citizen for exercising his right to free speech.

    Sorry – but I am going with those guys over “Ricky Motheral.”

  4. Oh yeah real great these days after obama let all the isis killers in to train kids how to shoot cops. You go smoke your peace pipe with Bernie and Jill Stein and tell me how high you feel when the infidels take over.

  5. Question for Ricky Motheral: Where did you learn your use of ALL CAPS?

    Very impressive!!

    But, when it comes to to the United States of America, you have a lot to learn. Our beautiful country is already great. No two-bit con-man douche-bag should be able to convince you otherwise.

    Repugnant Trump is trying to divide our great Countrry. Tearing us apart will not allow us to become greater. That will happen only when we come together.

    Like Lindsay Graham said: “Unacceptable” doesn’t even begin to describe Trump.

  6. Hey Margarat! Come join TEAM TRUMP. Don’t waste your vote on the third party losers or crooked hillary. I was dumb enough to believe that Obama change junk back 10 years ago and now that I see how this country has fallen apart I know that real change means NO POLITICIANS! Trump is the outsider who will save this land from the infidels. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  7. On SANDERS ASKING ME TO Vote for HILLARY. Well, that is a bit too much for me as 3 of Hilary’s Philly Superdelegates- Ed Rendell, Marion Tasco, Chaka Fattah were personally involved in the multiple crimes against me that took my home, my health, my everything and terrorized me for years. The gang even hacked my computer and stole mail. Tried to arrest me, lock me up in psyche (called Political Abuse of Psychiatry) and all dirty tricks because the contaminated site next to my house was set up by the leader of the 9th Ward democratic Committee and within walking distance of Comcast Exe David Cohen House- the house where they had big ticket dinners for Obama and Hillary and many in the collusion/ retaliation game against me for reporting environmental felonies went to that house to get their pictures taken with El Presidente and curry favor. It was more fun to mob me and deliberately injure, than to clean up their mess. Finally, my family in CA realized I was in serious trouble and ready to die and got me back to CA. Ed Rendell even had Homeland Security call me after I was in CA to make sure I was never coming back to Philly. Then I go to vote and they hand me A RED Provisional ballot and stole my vote. So no, they already got everything from me. I’m still trying to recover. I’m not giving them anything else except a book about them. Maybe I will write Bernie with some evidence and tell him why I can’t vote for her. AND FRANKLY , knowing the brutality of her friends, I and scared of her.

  8. Trump’s surrogates now claiming that a hero who died for this great country was al Quada terrorist.

    This needs to stop. Trump is embarrassing his Country. And he is making America less safe.

    Trump has radicalized the GOP (funded by Conservative Fundamentalists).

  9. Not a fan of Hillary. But I have to agree with Marie below. Trump is a sociopath and a narcissist. He must be stopped.

  10. When it comes to repugnant assholes who say despicable things about Gold Star families, let’s not compare rotten apples (like Trump) and oranges.

    I know you are just repeating a talking-point from Fox News, jpaul. But it won’t work.

    Military Families are making themselves heard on Repugnant Trump. He is a despicable human being. I agree with Lindsay Graham that Trump is going where our leaders have never gone. According to Graham. “Unacceptable” doesn’t even begin to describe Trump.

  11. When it comes to attacks-lets not forget Clinton’s attack on the mother of one of the victums who was killed in Libya. Trump is a jerk- but let us not forget Clinton is a vile vulgar repulsive person- who should disgust us even more than Trump.Long before Trump– this pathetic person thought she was better than the rest of us. Don’t know if we can bring ourselves to vote for Trump– but lets not lie or cover up what a pathetic creature Clinton is>

  12. Clinton already up 6 points in most recent CBS Poll. And that one does not even reflect the backlash Trump will feel as a result of his attack on a Gold Star Family and grieving mother. The Republicans nominated a repugnant sociopath who may be a Putin lackey.

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