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Clinton Rallies for Critz

Former President Bill Clinton | Photo: Ryan Koch

Beaver — Democratic supporters stood shoulder to shoulder to see former President Bill Clinton endorse Rep. Mark Critz Thursday afternoon, packed into an IBEW union hall.

Currently the most competitive race in Pennsylvania, Critz (D-Cambria) faces Republican attorney Keith Rothfus.

Prior to Clinton taking the stage, Critz took to the podium to discuss some of his own politics.  “I want to take a minute, talk off the cuff and say a few things” started Critz, easing the tone in a room that resembled a can of sardines.

“It’s not about ideology.  It’s about how we move this country forward,” said Critz, who has sought firmly to claim the political center.

Clinton began his speech asking the audience a simple question: “Are you going to elect Mark Critz or not?”

After a quick plug to Kim Villella, the Democrat running for against Pa. Sen. Elder Vogel (R-Beaver), Clinton got to the meat and potatoes of Critz’ politics: the economy and Medicare.

“Fixing the economy… It’s hard work” Clinton began, “we’re moving in the right direction.” Adding “private economy alone cannot hold us all together.”

“Mark Critz wakes up in the morning thinking ‘What can I do today to help the largest number of people?’” Clinton proclaimed.

And when it came to Medicare, Clinton was once again quick to support congressman Critz and tarnish the Republicans, who support Rothfus, who were located outside of rally. “Mark Critz will never vote for anything that would be detrimental to senior citizens,” he said.

Rothfus supporters lined up nearby to protest the event, and his campaign sought to tie both men to Barack Obama.

“It’s no surprise former President Clinton has come to help Congressman Critz, after all, they both have publicly endorsed President Obama for a second term,” said Campaign Manager Jon Raso.

He also took a swing at Critz over NAFTA.

“I am surprised Mr. Critz, who is supposedly tough on trade, would accept the support of the man who campaigned across the country in support of NAFTA.  I guess that doesn’t matter at election time.”

Beaver County is the battleground of the district.

4 Responses

  1. Union thugs and a proven serial adulterer who happens to be the 2nd President in the history of our country to be impeached are not exactly the endorsements an ethical candidate would solicit.

  2. Again, please tell me what did Clinton do with that cigar? And the Leftist tout him as some type of giant intellect. In their mind, sleaze is always fashionable.

  3. Clinton supporting ONE congressional candidate in PA when there are several that could use his help doesn’t say much for him. The question is why Critz a dolt who fell into this by being a weasel.

    Neither one respects women maybe thats the connection!

  4. Clinton was spell binding! Let’s go back to Keith the Candidate Rothfus: Why does Norquist want to buy himself a Congressman? What is the connection between Norquist-Pat Robertson-Keith the Candidate Rothfus? Why is Rothfus getting a free pass on his ties to Robertson?

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