Clinton Releases Ad Featuring Scranton Mother (VIDEO)

A Scranton mother is the star of the Clinton campaign’s latest attack video against Donald Trump.

Karen Macek has a daughter with the same disability as Serge Kovaleski, the New York Times reporter who Trump mocked.

“The most difficult thing is not that my daughter has disabilities, and it’s not the hospital stays and it’s not the surgeries, it’s the way other people look at her,” she states. “When people treat her like she is somebody to avoid.”

Macek then mentions Trump’s impression of Kovaleski.

“He was so rude and condescending to him, and for somebody for wants to be President of the United States, to not treat a person who’s disabled with dignity was just galling.”

“Most people who are bullies grow out of it,” she concludes. “He hasn’t, he’s 70 years old and he’s still a bully.”

12 Responses

  1. Tim-

    You seem morally and ethically disabled. That’s the disabled vote that Trump is targeting.

  2. All you left wing libs are about “feelings” can’t you have a laugh at the creetins’ expense once in a while? I mean Arthrogryposis is serious business but hey, the kid lived and the mama gets a disability check from the Democrats and all the little defects medical expenses are covered! Socialized medicine! In Sparta the would have smashed the defective little baby’s carcass on the rocks! But now the kid gets to watch Saturday cartoons and eat Fruit Loops!
    Serge Koveleski is lucky to be in America! Can you imagine what his life would be like if he stayed in South Africa? Another immigrant living off America’s largess! And all he does is complain! He’s an ungrateful brat just like this whining mother Crooked Hillary exploits in this terrible ad that plays on peoples emotions! I thought it was a very funnybit by Trumpy! Lighten up you Libtard pansies!

  3. Wally the RETARD troll is usually the one SCREAMING for political correctness when it comes to retards (like him). He has cried here a thousand times (using his other screen-names) Wonder why the sudden change!!

  4. Yeah, that making-fun-of-the-handicapped thing he does really brings down the house. Maybe he can work it into his first State of the Union address, tie it in somehow with making fun of POWs, too. He’s so good at both of those.

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