Clinton Secures All of PA’s Superdelegates

Hillary-ClintonHillary Clinton has now secured the support of all twenty-one of Pennsylvania’s superdelegates.

To arrive at this conclusion, we used the Green Papers’ tally and then confirmed the allegiance of those officials not included in their list.

On Tuesday, Clinton won 106 of the state’s elected pledged delegates compared to Sanders’ 83. When the superdelegates are added, Clinton’s advantage expands to 127-83.

The list of Pennsylvania’s 21 superdelegates is included below:

Ed Rendell – Distinguished Member (former Chairman)

Tom Wolf – Governor

Robert P. Casey Jr. – Senator

Robert Brady – Congressman

Brendan Boyle – Congressman

Matthew Cartwright – Congressman

Michael Doyle – Congressman

Chaka Fattah – Congressman

Rick Bloomingdale – Pennsylvania DNC Member

Ronald R. Donatucci – Pennsylvania DNC Member

Penny Gerber – Pennsylvania DNC Member

Marcel Groen – Pennsylvania DNC Member

Gerald Lawrence – Pennsylvania DNC Member

Evelyn Rafalko-McNulty – Pennsylvania DNC Member

Nancy Patton Mills – Pennsylvania DNC Member

Ian Murray – Pennsylvania DNC Member

Marian B. Tasco – Pennsylvania DNC Member

Sylvia Wilson – Pennsylvania DNC Member

Tony Coelho – Members at Large

Amanda Green-Hawkins – Members at Large

Michael Nutter – Members at Large

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5 thoughts on “Clinton Secures All of PA’s Superdelegates”

  1. Mary Mills says:

    Why are there delegates or superdelegates? What happened to one person one vote? I have no faith in a system that tells me 1 person 1 vote is what counts, when there are superdelegates who’s votes seem to count and not our individual votes. Please someone explain this to me. This system needs to be done away with.

  2. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus says:

    I don’t understand why Tony Coelho, who lives in Delaware, is constantly on the list of DNC members who you publish here.


  3. Larry says:

    Jim Burn is no longer a DNC member. He was replaced by Marcel Groen who is now Chair. Gerry Lawrence replaced Groen. Lawrence is pledged to Clinton. So, headline is still correct.

  4. gulagPittsburgh says:

    Who will replace Chaka Fattah if he is in prison?

  5. David Diano says:

    The usual suspects. 🙂

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