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Clinton Sends Back Pawlowski Donation

pawlowskiAllentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski’s political career seems to be coming to an abrupt halt.

In the latest in this string of events, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton returned a $1,000 contribution from the Friends of Ed Pawlowski, according to a report by the Morning Call.

Two weeks ago, FBI agents raided Allentown City Hall and served subpoenas to Pawlowski and members of his staff. The FBI has said they were searching for records relating to city contracts and Pawlowski campaign donors in connection with a grand jury investigation.

On July 6, Pawlowski suspended his campaign to focus on the FBI investigation.

“My desire to help change Washington is taking a back seat to doing the job I was elected to do,” Pawlowski said in a statement. “We will reevaluate the race for United States Senate once we have a more clear picture of any potential concerns with Allentown’s government.”

Three months ago, Pawlowski had a legitimate chance to face off against Pat Toomey for the Senator’s seat in Washington. A poll conducted shortly after his campaign announcement showed Pawlowski with 12%, a decent start against the somewhat unwelcome Democratic candidate Joe Sestak.

The FBI has also searched Reading City Hall and questioned Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer in connection to city contracts and donors. Political consultant, and Pawlowski Senate campaign manager, Mike Fleck reportedly wore a wire for the FBI investigation while speaking with the mayors.

4 Responses

  1. Will Hillary also return the donations the Clinton Foundation received by foreign interests so as to not create a perception of a conflict of interest? Nah. Didn’t think so.

  2. More info concerning attorney Alan Kessler, who received a subpoena in connection with the FBI inquiry: he once served as finance chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and was a national finance chair of Hillary for President in 2008. A national finance chair of Hillary for President in 2008?! My, my. Perhaps the so-called “coronation” of Mrs. Clinton is premature…

  3. More food for thought: PA AG Kane (elevated into office by the Clintons, and defended for a time by Clinton loyalist Lanny Davis) indicted by a grand jury. Former NY State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (a longtime ally and friend of Hillary Clinton), meanwhile, was recently indicted and arrested by the FBI. NJ Senator Bob Menendez (another Clinton ally and supporter) was also recently charged by the feds.

    And now Alan Kessler of Duane Morris. Of course, this is all an uncanny coincidence…

  4. And according to The Morning Call, among those who received a subpoena in connection with the FBI inquiry was Alan Kessler, a partner at the well-known firm of Duane Morris. The firm of Duane Morris itself was also subpoenaed. Alan Kessler was described by Philadelphia Magazine as a “Clintonworld mega-donor” in a piece last year. A major contributor to Hillary Clinton subpoenaed. Hmmm……

    Lots going on in the Commonwealth at present. Time to begin piecing it all together…

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