Clinton Super PAC Pulling Out of PA

Hillary Clinton HappyIt’s clear that Democrats are confident.

According to Dan Merica of CNN, the largest Democratic Super PAC Priorities USA is temporarily suspending its TV ad buys in Pennsylvania as well as Colorado and Virginia.

From September 2nd to 20th, the Super PAC won’t be airing commercials in those states. They also have no plans to return at this point.

“We know, at the moment, these are tough states for Donald Trump and there isn’t as much of a need for us to air ads there,” Priorities USA spokesman Justin Barasky told Merica.

As we’ve noted, PA increasingly seems as if it’s trending towards the blue column. Additionally, the Clinton campaign has also pulled TV spots from Colorado and Virginia because of their confidence there.

Priorities USA first began to air ads in Pennsylvania last June and was the first sign Democrats were seriously worried about the state. It now may be the first indication that the party feels they have the commonwealth in the bag.

12 Responses

  1. No, No! You don’t pull your ads out of an important swing state when you are leading. This shows they are behind in their internal polling. Hasn’t anyone noticed that Clinton has been out of the spotlight since August 18th? The campaign has no rallies planned for the remainder of August. She is starting to die in the polls. They, the Clinton Campaign, are keeping something secret and it’s not good for Hillary.

  2. The SuperPac have stopped funding HRC because according to peer reviewed research less than 6% of Americans rely on MSM for reliable news and information.
    Unable to watch comes as the message in negative Clinton related social media news just as we learn that the NSA was hacked. Looks like it was taken down is the message FB users now ge when they try to open youtube and social media videos which have anti-Clinton news. Of course the MSM is reporting that the NSA was hacked. I wonder who had the NSA hacked, surely not the same people who perpetrated the election fraud. The same person who has said she is recruiting illegal aliens as volunteers – shouldn’t she know that it is ILLEGAL for an illegal alien to volunteer in America. For many of our illegal aliens they were legally here waiting for their green cards which takes a long time, about a year. And, maybe they got hungry or their sponsor could not afford to feed and house them and they got a job – so their status changes from legal to illegal just because they got a job. Does the president read? Does it make him an accomplice to allow the democratic party to maintain their candidate elect when she is breaking immigration law as part of her campaign? We they have seen the real polls that show who the social media people want for president and they aren’t getting their news from main stream media ‘MSM’. The public has seen the nearly 70 year old Clinton. When your article runs side by side with nearly identical articles and the only difference is your publication chose to ‘enhance’ it with an ancient photo it diminishes your credibility even more. hacked off

  3. There is no GOP leadership; just stupid dolts who are more equal than other stupid dolts.

  4. Hillary is coasting to a landslide election. The Trump campaign is a mess and lacks coordination. Toomey is being dragged to a loss. Republicans lost the state Supreme Court. Where is our Republican leadership? If this trend continues there will be major changes on the national and state level.

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