Clinton Targets African-Americans in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

Barack Obama’s winning coalitions depended in part on historical turnout and support from African-American voters.

Hillary Clinton is aiming to maintain as many of these voters as she can.

That’s the impetus behind the Clinton campaign’s latest ad, a thirty-second spot titled “Barbershop”.

The commercial features several barbers and customers praising Clinton and stating that they’ll vote for her. The former Secretary of State’s connection to President Obama is also played up.

“If Obama’s voting for Hillary, I’m voting for Hillary,” one man states.

The ad also ends with a photo of the two from the Democratic National Convention.

This commercial is set to air nationwide but will be prominently featured in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. These are considered the top four swing states and African-Americans make up 16%, 22%, 12% and 11% of their respective populations.

3 Responses

  1. But Chuckie, that is the Pittsburgh way. That is the one thing Trump is right about with the Pittsburgh Dem machine and how they treat minorities (once every four years).

  2. This commercial is patronizing and dishonest. She should simply do as my cousin Stevie junior did in the A G race…buy off the Uncle Toms at the top and let the trickle down carry the congregation. It’s cheaper and cleaner than working the barber shops. We might have been conked.

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