Clinton to Campaign in Philly on Monday

hillary-clintonHillary Clinton is returning to Philadelphia.

After hosting the Democratic National Convention, as well as an August 17th voter registration event, Philly is welcoming Clinton back on September 19th.

Clinton revealed that should would be making this campaign stop during her speech today in Greensboro, North Carolina.

“On Monday, September 19, Hillary Clinton will campaign in Philadelphia, where she will deliver a speech laying out the stakes of November’s election for millennial voters in Pennsylvania and across the country,” the campaign stated. “Clinton will discuss the challenges facing young people today and how her agenda would support them, including her plans to make free community college and debt-free college available to all Americans.”

The description suggests that Clinton is likely to hold the event on a college campus. This news comes on the heels of the latest Quinnipiac Poll showing 44% of 18 to 34 year-olds nationwide support Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson or Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

The campaign also launched Millennials for Hillary today.

President Barack Obama made a campaign stop on Tuesday for the Clinton-Kaine ticket in Philadelphia.

UPDATE: Clinton’s speech will take place at Temple University in the Great Court at Mitten Hall at noon. Doors open at 10:30 a.m.

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  1. Oh yeah, 90% of Somali Muslim are still on welfare 10 years after being brought over here Diano. And Crooked Hillary wantsto bring 1 million Syrians here? That’s 1/17th of the entire country of Syria! How many of those will remain on welfare forever and how much will that cost US taxpayers! African Americans are not as gullible as you may think and are leaving the Democratic plantation in droves! They can think for themselves! They won’t get squat under that lying skank! More of the same, just like they got from uncle obama! [Which is absolutely NOTHING!]!

  2. Go ahead Diano, vote yourself a fat tax increase, another staggering series of borrowing to add another mountain of debt to the federal debt and as an added bonus, how about some more wars, all brought to you courtesy of the warwitch and secretary of hate, lying, crooked Shrillary! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, You’re so demented, you and you’re fellow liberal, left wing democrats are so cluelss! Libtard scum! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha You’re pathetic! You’re brains are filled with pc liberal mush from all of the propaganda!

  3. Tim-

    Are you aware that the vast majority of welfare recipients are white?

    “According to 2013 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program, 40.2 percent of SNAP recipients are white, 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American.”

  4. By the way Diano, blacks are flocking to Trumpy in droves! They want paychecks not welfare checks which is the only thing Crooked Hillary has in her bag of tricks.

  5. Hey Diano, In your world all those freebies the demos hand out are not actually free. One way or another, whitie will have to flip the tab!

  6. Only the Democrat idiots in SouthEast PA and FilthaMafia would have voted themselves a city income tax, a county income tax and increase in the state income tax, a huge increase in the PA turnpike taxes [ie;tolls]in perpetuity, and then back Crooked Hillary who guarantees that she will hike their federal income taxes! What a bunch of clown idiots these Democrats are! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!

  7. Diano volunteers to empty her catheter bag and change her Depends! He’s a good loyal subject of the ruling class.

  8. Tim keeps proving he belongs in that basket of deplorables. I wonder how he manages to type after dragging his knuckles on the ground all the time.

  9. Tim-

    Trump’s ahead with white males, but not a lot. There are not enough white males to overcome all the other groups where he’s behind (women, blacks, Hispanics, etc)

    Southeast PA is where the work gets done and keeps the rest of the state afloat.

  10. Whites and Males are all backing Trump. Crooked Hillary can get the ghetto vote because she promises them more free crap. She’ll raise your taxes, but the dems in Philly and it’s suburbs don’t care because that’s more free crap for the majority of their families who don’t work live on the dole! Life is good in Souteast Pa where the government takes care of your every need, gives you a home to live in, free food, free health care and free money too! It’s all free thanks to the democrats! Free baby free! I be votin’ for Hillary for mo’ free stuff’! Heck yeah!

  11. At this Dangerous time when Iran and Putin and North Korea are messing with the USA we cant afford to have a President that knows nothing and is a Putin sympathizer. Nor do we need a President who pays off a prosecutor to avoid going to jail. Aside from being mentally unstable, Trump is a very unhealthy man. That’s why he won’t release his medical records like Hillary Clinton has.

  12. At this Dangerous time when Iran and Putin and North Korea are messing with the USA we cant afford to have a President that is often confused according to her Top Aide and a President who passes out on a regular basis and throws Blood clots and is on Blood thinners that could cause a Brain Bleed .


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