Clinton Unleashes Trio of TV Ads Against Trump (VIDEOS)

Hillary Clinton is going full steam ahead in Pennsylvania.

After questions about her PA strategy, her campaign indicated that she would soon add the commonwealth to the list of states receiving TV ads.

This week, the Clinton team unveiled three commercials that will air in markets across the state.

The latter two, “Myself” and “The Shows”, contrast Trump’s lack of foreign policy experience to Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

The first spot, titled “Role Models”, uses Trump’s own inflammatory rhetoric against him by asking parents to imagine their kids growing up with a President who would act that way.

“The ads will begin airing Wednesday,” their campaign stated. “The Pennsylvania ad buy is in addition to a previously announced eight-figure, television buy in Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, New Hampshire, Iowa, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina and a national cable TV ad buy.”

21 Responses

  1. The ad with the disabled black kid is false. Trump did not make fun of the reporter with the disability. Go to YouTube and you can see how it has been debunked. My problem is the sick mind at Hillary’s ad agency that came up with that garbage. Now Hillary pays kids to spread her lies.

    To make fun of mentally handicapped children by stating that because there is a video clip of Trump flapping his hands like an overly excited mentally handicapped child, that Trump is also mentally handicapped… Everyone (like 100% of those I know — thousands of co-workers and friends) talks about how much Hillary loathes being around handicapped children (shouting “When are they going to get those fucking retards out of here” as 1st Lady looking out on the Easter White House event), that she is actually the candidate that is brain damaged to not remember extremely important information as a result of her concussions, including knowing what email is classified and what is not… She is the one mentally handicapped from her injury. The Democratic campaign commercial is very offensive. Everyone in security jobs now think those military put in jail for doing less that what Hillary has gotten away with should be released from jail.

    The security law has 2 parts (willful and neglect), and Hilary should have all her security clearances removed (thus unfit to hold office) and be fined or put in jail according to the law for neglectfully “spilling” of classified information. Didn’t the FBI state they actually found more classified emails, this time still with security paragraph markings intact) on her personal email server after their investigation? If true, then Hillary should go through the processes done for a “data spill” involving removing her of all security clearances until the severity of the damage is determined by the Security officials (not FBI but maybe NSA?). If she is not mentally capable of keeping National Security secrets, she should never hold any office, much less that of President.

  3. Hillary recent anti trump adds are filthy. She lost my vote. Can’t side with obvious filth Disgusting

  4. Wow what bogus commercials! When she was Sec. State, she went to war with Libya, overthrew the Egyptian government that was take over by the Muslim brotherhood until the military ousted these Muslim religious kooks in order to maintain secular rule, she wanted to attack Syria with naval cruise missiles, She instigated a coup in the Ukraine where thousands are dead, she backed the Saudi’s as they went to war all the while she was taking contributions to her foundation, Afghanistan is now a hotbed of Islamic radical terror as well as Iraq!

    And what about role models? She lied to investigators, destroyed government property by deleting her e-mails and wiping her server clean, took millions in donations from enemies f the US and made $22 million giving 20 minute speeches to her Wall street fat cat buddies! Oh, yeah she put the security of top level government e-mails at risk by sending them over the clearnet unencrypted, and then lied about that too!

  5. VERY truthful and clever ads. It’s true that our children can not watch that barbarian Trump.

  6. HaHaHa-

    It shows how immigrants are coming here and stealing from hard working Americans.

  7. The Repervlicandscan’t even get through one day of their convention without being dishonest frauds.

    All the Trump supporters on TV said that Mrs. Trump (the immigrant) “wrote her own speech.” Turns out she plagiarized it. She is a fraud just like her husband. Somewhere Ivanka is laughing.

  8. Jeff – there’s just one pathetic homo here typing the same stuff under different screen names. He is a RETARD.

  9. Bill Clinton is “a felon?” Sthomas needs a dictionary. And a firmer grounding in reality. Donald Trump is facing fraud charges in one case and rape charges in another. And he’s not even a felon…yet. When he actually goes to jail, he’ll be a felon.

  10. Says is absolutely right- “supporting someone who is a bigot makes you a bigot” I agree I voted for Obama he is a bigot and a racist- so I must be one too?
    Clinton was disbarred- it went beyond being a jack ass- it is a little something called perjury.
    Bill is a bright guy and he could have been a great President- in fact he’s just a sleaze ball- worse than Trump. If facing reality is being a bigot- then many of us are guilty of same

  11. Trump supporters really can’t grasp the fact that you have to be convicted of a crime to be guilty.

  12. Supporting someone who is a bigot means you’re bigot as well. You have no clue what the issue black lives is addressing then. Not all lives matter when it comes to law enforcement today. You sound ignorant. Bill Clinton has never been charged or convicted of him so shut up. No one is being cowed into silence. We are calling it what it is- he is a bigot

  13. Hahahasays- bigotry is using
    Loretta Lynch’s race as an excuse for her corrupt conduct and inexcusable meeting with. felon Bill Clinton. Bigotry is saying black lives matter when it is All lives that matter. Bigotry is trashing Richard Nixon for corruption but excusing even worse with Barak Obama. Bigotry is saying we are concerned with women’s rights and excusing Hiliary Clintons enabling and support of her husbands unlawful conduct. Hiliary is a criminal and while Trump is right on very little – he is right in arguing none of us should be cowed into silence as a result of a false sense of political correctness.

  14. What Sthomas is trying to say is that he is a bigot. And a coward who probably treats women in his life like crap just like Trump does. Sthomas is a bigot.

  15. I don’t like Trump either- but Hillary is a Criminal as well as being a vile, vulger and arrogant person. I agree with earlier comments.She has violated our laws- and, if our system wasn’t corrupted by the likes of AG Lynch- she would be facing a trial. The Clintons have corrupted our system- he is a felon and she enabled his unlawful conduct against women. Their Foundation is corrupt- how many donors US and foreign have received quid pro quo. I can’t advocate for Trump- but Hiliary Clinton stinks-
    It is sad for our Nation that only alternative to Clinton filth- is Trump

  16. Hillary is not a criminal. She has never been convicted of (or even arrested for) a crime. Even after 30 years of FOXtard attacks (see below).

    Hillary is the next POTUS. 8 more years of a D POTUS. All because the Repervlicans don’t have even a borderline competent candidate. The two-bit grifter they are nominating in Cleveland is a national embarrassment.

  17. Hiliary is a criminal- attack Trump as much as we want. Hiliary is a vile and vulgar person whose conduct enabled her husbands criminal conduct that included sexual harassment and worse. The issue is less Trump than whether we wish to ignore the filth and corruption Hiliary Clinton has brought to our Politics. After JFK, RFK, LBJ and people who cared about Nation as well as self- Hiliary is a vulgarity that should disgust all of us!

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