Clinton Unveils Michelle Obama TV Ad (VIDEO)

Talk about synergy.

The evening before First Lady Michelle Obama is set to campaign for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the Democratic nominee revealed her newest TV ad.

The thirty-second spot, titled “Watch, features Michelle Obama talking straight to camera.

“Our children watch everything we do and the person we elect as President has the power to shape their lives for years to come,” the First Lady began. “Hillary has spent her entire career bringing folks together on behalf of our kids. Because she believes that every child deserves a chance to succeed.”

“Hillary will be a President our kids can look up to,” Mrs. Obama concludes. “A President who believes in our kids and will fight for them every day. That’s why I believe in her. I hope you’ll join me.”

This commercial can be seen as a continuation of the First Lady’s DNC speech, which touched upon similar themes. She also recorded a radio ad for Clinton last week.

11 Responses

  1. Let’s get our facts straight/ Clinton is an enabler of her womanizing husband- she tolerates an aid – Huma who was an editor of publication demeaning to women and Michelle is a racist and anti Semite like her husband. Bless Fox News and Donald Trump- we can beat liberal extremism !

  2. @Tim [Trump is a] serial philanderer accused of rape, had sex in the [his] office, cheated on his wi[ves] numerous times and, well you get the picture!

    Fixed your post for you!

  3. Yes Tim. We know. If it wasn’t for all the Democrats, PA would be Republican. Thanks. Now wipe that Trump juice off your chin!!

  4. Chelsea’s step-da is a rapist. Crooked Hillary enabled Bubba to cheat on her numerous times and threatened to destroy the women he raped and fornicated with! Oh, yeah, I was a mere “child” when all this was going down, but those “facts” never escaped MY attention. They always bring “the CHILDREN” in on the debate when it comes to crunchtime at election time. Too bad Crooked Hillary’s husband was a serial philanderer accused of rape, had sex in the oval office, cheated on his wife numerous times and, well you get the picture! Crooked Hillary is unfit to lead. If it wasn’t for 4 heavily populated counties in South eastern Pennsylvania all registered heavily democrat then PA would be a red state like it should be. But these idiots in that part of the state love having their federal income taxes raised so the other 9 members of their families who are NOT working can live on the government dole! Pathetic!
    Go ahead diots, vote for her and see more jobs leave the country, see your federal icome taxes soar and see your new idiot in chief president borrow trillions more to add to the federal debt! The joke will be on you! Losers!

  5. “Wally” is the new screen-name for the pathetic retard troll. He can’t take a walk. He is on House Arrest for molesting children.

  6. Hillary Clinton will be our next President and do a great job. Voters will elect HRC by a HUGE margin. The election outcome will be AMAZING for Democrats. Voters will tell Trump: You’re FIRED.

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