Clinton Wins PA Democratic Primary

Hillary ClintonThe Keystone State once again goes to Hillary Clinton.

After winning the primary in 2008 against Barack Obama, Clinton has now emerged victorious in the 2016 contest with Bernie Sanders.

The call was made not long after the polls closed.

With 99% of the precincts in, Clinton has 913,493 votes (56%) while Sanders recorded 715,527 votes (44%).

Clinton will take most of the state’s 189 pledged delegates. She has already secured 18 of the commonwealth’s 21 superdelegates and is likely to win the other three after tonight’s results.

Hillary also won the 2008 primary with President Barack Obama by a 55% to 45% margin. It remains to be seen how her margin in today’s contest will compare to 2008.

19 Responses

  1. I do like the way you have framed this specific difficulty plus it really does give us some fodder for consideration. Nevertheless, through just what I have witnessed, I just simply trust as the actual feedback pack on that individuals keep on point and not start on a tirade involving the news of the day. All the same, thank you for this fantastic piece and though I can not really agree with it in totality, I respect the standpoint.

  2. Let’s not forget those of us who will switch to Libertarian and vote for Gary Johnson.

  3. Another series of threats from the disgruntled individualists whose candidate or candidate didn’t win. It seems ego comes before service to our form of elections.

    Some, want to get even because they never really joined a party. Instead they infiltrate it to preach to those who actually do the work, day in and day out to work to the good of their party. Those who serve to the benefit of the people who join it in order to get political power out of the hands of those that manipulate it for personal ideology or fortune instead of freedom and real service to our nation.

    It is time for us to thank those who serve, run and pay the price for years of dedication to the many needs of their and others families by uniting around an agreed upon set of needs and candidates to fill those needs.

    The stronger we are at maintaining a focus on what we need to spend our time and fortunes on to keep creating a better America the less pain real people will suffer!

    I want at least two strong Parties arguing and will accept three or more if that can be accomplish. BUT, I don’t believe that it is reasonable to expect any singular candidate who doesn’t get the votes of a majority to mean that we don’t have a better chance if we accept the votes of a particular election without the egocentrics laments!

    It is time for all good parties to challenge each other in the election arena in November and finally grow up to accept the results and negotiate again for the good of all.

  4. Would you all at Politics PA be able to do a win/loss analysis by Congressional District between Clinton and Sanders? I’m interested in seeing which parts of the state liked which candidate. This also gives us a better idea of the delegate breakdown. Thanks.

  5. Hey Gulag, The Trumpmeister was born in ’46. He is in a helluva lot better shape than Shrillary who takes to wearing Chairman Mao suits and overcoats to hide her fat duff! She’s so outta shape, she couldn’t walk a 5k. We’re really screwed if she’s elected. I’ll roll the dice and cast my lot with the Trumpster, hell, I lived through 11 presidents, not that dope dealing hag who shipped dope into Mena. She’s a liar, a criminal, and a traitor to America in my opinion. I hope when Trump is elected, he gets her indicted.

  6. Joe Quinlan-

    Grow the f*ck up. The Dems have been fighting the GOP and Sanders was an “independent” and not in the fight to find candidates and help them win. This is the kind of childish nonsense the GOP is counting upon.

  7. Bernie winning Centre County by only 9%? Obama beat Clinton by 20 points there. The revolution fizzled.

  8. I came right home so I could see what fresh angst the Bernie Brahs would be spewing on the interwebs, and this post does not disappoint! How DARE Hillary Clinton get more votes! It shakes the very foundations of democracy! (Well, that actually IS democracy, but not when votes go to someone I didn’t vote for!) Once again, the Brahs show themselves to be the left wing Tea Party, sore losers who are absolutely gobsmacked that everyone does not bow to their “authority.”
    Get used to it, Brahs. Greens, good luck with the low-single-digit “majorities” in future elections. Republicans, I wish you no ill, because your party is damaging itself more than I ever could. My focus is onward to November.

  9. TIM: Check the birth certificates. I believe Trump is older than Hillary. Thus, if you are right about the age thing, Trump will die first.

  10. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! You make me laugh Tim. Thanks. People like you make glad I vote third party. Greens are not losers Tim. Why? We aren’t stupid enough to fall for whatever bullshit a Republican or Democrat tell us. Whether Clinton or Drumpf wins, we are all losers. And when America is even worse in four years and you find yourself whining that America isn’t any better, look in the fucking mirror because you voted for it. You and America deserves exactly what it deserves whether Drumpf or Clinton wins. Don’t go crying when Drumpf fucks us over. You’ll get no sympathy from me.

  11. Go ahead and change your party to the Greens! Meanwhile I’ll watch Shrillary get slaughtered by the Trumpmeister in November! hrillary has neither the energy nor the stamina to be President. She’ll be 70 in October. Healthwise she’s a walking timebomb who will probably stroke out or have a coronary before to long. Her doctors have her drugged up on something, you can tell. So go ahead and vote Green losers, vote for Clinton losers.

  12. Ron Gaydos, you are incorrect. Nationally, Green Party candidates have won numerous local and municipal offices and school board seats. The idea that we are a vanity campaign is ludicrous. The only reason Greens and other third parties don’t get elected is because the election system is rigged to keep the two-party system in power. Do some research and you will find that many states have very unfair and ridiculous ballot access laws. Third parties aren’t even allowed in debates which is also rigged by the two parties. People like myself and Joe Quinlan are sick and tired of the two parties screwing America. We demand REAL CHANGE, not some bullshit slogan and rhetoric. Voting third party like the Greens, have not been bought by the special interests, Wall Street and the 1%(like Clinton), would be better for America if people took them seriously and woke the hell up. If the system wasn’t rigged against us, Greens could get farther and win. That doesn’t mean Greens are going to just give up and vote for morons in the GOP or Democratic party who have screwed America time and time again. Or watch the blind electorate continue to vote for their own oppression. Do some more reasearch and you will find that more and more Americans are sick and tired too and desire a third party. Greens like myself are pissed and will fight until enough people wake up and abandon the two parties to bring power back to We The People and overturn Citizens United. The Green Party isn’t going away. Will Jill Stein win? Probably not but she may get more votes than she did in 2012 but still not enough to win. In time as Greens fight and people abandon the two parties, we will win. It is better to vote for some you want and not win at all than vote for someone you don’t want and win.

  13. Joe, Please be sure if you’re going all in for a third party like the Greens, that you support and encourage people to run for school board, and councils, etc. Without local networks, a green campaign is just a vanity campaign.
    Good luck! Looking for your locally supported local candidates!

  14. Oh, look the puppet of Wall Street and the 1% has won. No surprise. Congratulations Pennsylvania.

  15. Right on Joe Quinlan! I’m a proud Green and the Green Party welcomes you! I congratulate you on getting awake and seeing the rigged system for what it is. Stand tall and proud Joe because Democrats and Hillary lovers will come after you now. If you need it Joe, I’ll help ward off Dems and Hillary lovers. Greens stick together and fight together. #Jill2016 #It’sInOurHands

  16. Tomorrow I’ll change my registration to Green Party. The Democratic Party is a corporate cesspool, no better than the Republicans. I’ll let my vote for Senator Sanders be my last act as a Democrat. Jill Stein for President! Vote Green in 2016!

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