Clinton’s Newest TV Spot Premieres in PA (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s latest TV ad is hitting Pennsylvania airwaves.

The thirty-second spot, titled “Just One”, argues that Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be President.

“In times of crisis, America depends on leadership, clear thinking, and calm judgment,” the narrator states while intercutting with clips of Trump that portray him as not having these characteristics.

“Because all it takes is one wrong move,” the narrator states before another Trump audio clip interjects.

“I would bomb the shit out of them,” Trump states followed by the sounds of bombs failing and missiles launching.

“Just one,” the narrator concludes as the phrase “Just one wrong move” flashes on the screen.

The commercial is evocative of Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 campaign against Barry Goldwater which subtly and unsubtly urged voters not to trust the GOP nominee with the nuclear codes. The “Daisy” ad is the most famous example.

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  1. Bucks Barrister says:

    Bombs away. Was this just a tactical level nuclear strike?

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