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Close Q2 Fundraising Totals for PA-8 Candidates

Kathryn Boockvar came close to raising as much money as her opponent Rep. Fitzpatrick this quarter.

It was a close one.

In PA-8, Q2 fundraising totals from candidates Kathy Boockvar and incumbent Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) weren’t far apart.

Boockvar, the Democratic nominee, brought in $330K, a hair below her first quarter haul, and was left with $421K on hand.

Since January, over 2,000 donors have contributed to the Boockvar campaign, totaling $661K – with 98 percent of her donations coming from individual contributors.

For Q2, her campaign team touted a 73 percentage rate of new donors. Boockvar attributed the rate of new donors to a desire for her potential future constituents to have someone in office who has experience with compromise.

“The people want a representative in Congress who has decades of experience mediating differences and producing solutions to move us forward, and that is why more and more people declare their support for my candidacy every day,” she said.
While Boockvar took in a hefty haul this quarter, she did not out raise her Republican opponent.

Fitzpatrick Campaign Manager Faith Bender said Boockvar’s money was a result of her ties with DC liberals.

“The reason why Congressman Fitzpatrick has this job is because the people of the 8th Congressional district declared that they no longer wanted a Pelosi-progressive representing them in Washington,” Bender charged. “With Ms. Boockvar taking even more money from Nancy Pelosi after having endorsed government-run healthcare and increasing taxes on small businesses, the terms of this election are clearly defined.”

The Fitzpatrick campaign generated $395K and maintained $1.2M on hand.

Boockvar also slightly outspent him. She used $159K, with the two main expenses being around $24K each for polling by Global Strategy Group and to the PA Dems for field staff and canvassing.

By contrast, the Fitzpatrick campaign spent only  $119K. He spent roughly the same amount on polling withPublic Opinion Strategies, but spent over $40K to the firm Long Nyquist & Associates for consulting.

PoliticsPA called both candidates fundraising winners in the first quarter, when Fitzpatrick raised $360,000 and had $927,000 on hand; while Boockvar raised an impressive $331,645 and maintained $250,430 cash on hand.

6 Responses

  1. For someone who just ran a statewide campaign last year, she has absolutely no name recognition. Combine that with the fact that the Bucks County Dems are the worst run political organization in PA and she will lose worse than Murphy did in 2010.

  2. How is the headline not “Boockvar spends half the money she raises in Q2?”

    PoliticsPA is usually pretty fair (a rare trait that keeps me coming back) – this reads like a Boockvar press release…

  3. Alright Rick Howe, calm down. Take some meds and back away from the politicspa and phillyburbs.

    I didn’t realize liberals advocated for fathers to control every action and choice their grown daughters make. Aren’t you about female empowerment? But then again, there is always a double standard when you have an “R” after your name.

  4. Fitzpatick has preached extremism since the day he missed his own swearing in. The guy’s a loon, his daughter was publicly posting on Twitter about getting her birth control from Planned Parenthood while he was working to defund Planned Parenthood. I love these crazies who preach and yammer and want to take away things from other’s but have no idea what’s going on under there own roof. Maybe he’s spending a little to much time at the pubs.

  5. Quite frankly, this is pathetic. Murphy had 2x as much on hand at this point in 2006. Fitzpatrick is going to wipe the floor with her.

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