CNBC/Change Research Poll: Biden 48, Trump 46

Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a slim lead over President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania according to this latest poll.

The latest CNBC/Change Research poll of likely voters in the Keystone State shows Biden leading Trump by 2 points, 48-to-46. Although Biden leads Trump in all six battleground states polled; Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin; his smallest lead is in Pennsylvania and Arizona, where he holds a 2 point edge in each state.

The latest poll is also a significant comeback for Trump in comparison to the most recent Change Research/CNBC poll conducted in mid-July that showed Biden leading Trump by 8 points, 50-to-42, in Pennsylvania. 

According to the analysts at FiveThirtyEight, Change Research favors Democrats by an average of 1.1% and has an overall C- grade. 

Voters in Pennsylvania are split on who would do a better job recovering from the economic impact of coronavirus, while Biden and the Democrats have a slight edge over Trump and the Republicans in who would be more trusted to handle COVID-19. 

Voters are locked at 50-to-50 on which candidate and party would do a better job recovering from the economic impact of coronavirus. Biden and the Democrats lead Trump and Republicans by 4 points, 52-to-48, over who would be trusted more to handle COVID-19. 

Over half of likely voters in Pennsylvania approve of Gov. Tom Wolf’s handling of the coronavirus. 55% approved of Wolf’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, while 45% disapproved. Wolf’s 10 point net approval rating on the matter is tied for the highest with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) of the six governors polled for their coronavirus response. 

Pennsylvanians are torn on whether or not it’s safe for children to return to school or attend daycare. 49% of likely voters in the state say it is unsafe for children to return to school, while 47% say it is unsafe for children to attend daycare. 

49% of Pennsylvania likely voters also said that they are definitely or probably likely to get the COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available, while 38% say that they are definitely or probably unlikely to do so. 

The results of the presidential race appear to be the closest poll from the outlet since mid-June when it showed Biden leading Trump by 3 points, 49-to-46, in the state. A number of recent polls show Biden with a larger lead, including Franklin & Marshall College that has Biden leading by 9 points and a Morning Consult poll that has the former VP leading by 8 points in the state.

The Real Clear Politics Average shows Biden besting Trump by 6 points in Pennsylvania. 

This poll, surveying 382 likely voters in Pennsylvania, collected data between July 24-26. The margin of error for the Pennsylvania specific data was not included in the polling, although the overall margin of error for the total battleground data is ±1.94%

The battleground polling can be found here.

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30 thoughts on “CNBC/Change Research Poll: Biden 48, Trump 46”

  1. Ima Voter says:

    “No More Bullshit??”

    Everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is bullshit.

  2. Marcel’sGhost says:


  3. ThegulagPittsburgh says:

    I pledge allegiance to the United States of Trump and to his republic for which I will always stand.

  4. RealgulagPittsburgh says:

    Do we really even need an election, just appoint Trump for another 4 years so we can continue making American Great again

  5. gulagPitttsburgh says:

    Trump is the best just like my good buddys Doug “big pecker” Mastrianeoooo and Russ “whiskey” Diamond

    1. gu lagPittsburgh says:

      Trump by 10% when we rightfully hold the postponed election in February 2021.

  6. dirty politics says:

    Politics PA not only shamelessly allows name imitators, but blocks the person with the name originally. How pathetic.

    1. GulagrealPittsburgh says:

      Waaaaaaaah Waaaah Waaaah. Poor baby.

    2. Gulag in Camp Hill says:

      First of all where is your sense of humor? If you think about it people are making points and having a gentle joke with a name. Not a major deal. Now on to other topics—Biden will have an epic landslide victory in Pa. I voted for Hillary but I have to be honest she was not easy to sell to the public. Biden is a lot more easy going and more popular and Trump is really messing up. Without any question Biden will beat Trump by 10 points as a starting point. He will sweep Fitzpatrick out of office and bring Cartwright with him.

  7. Russ Diamond says:

    Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh lashed out at Trump’s remarks about postponing the election, calling them “the incoherent, conspiracy theory ramblings of a lost candidate who is out of touch with reality.”

    1. yinzchuck says:

      Is this Russ the alcoholic domestic abuser with a criminal record Diamond?

  8. G Max says:

    rightwing cuntservative Pedophile well wishers –draftdodgers

  9. Domestic abuser Russ Diamond says:

    Who wants to grab a drink?

  10. Porter Randolph says:

    382? Wow, try harder.

  11. Republicans against cowards says:

    Is there a more vile piece of scum sucking excrement than LGBTQ basher Russ Diamond?

    1. RealgulagPittsburgh says:

      Russ Diamond and Doug “big pecker” Mastrianarco are my good freinds.

      1. Gulagrealpittsburgh says:

        Biden by 10% EASY!

        1. GulagrealPittsburgh says:

          Trump by 10% EASY!

  12. Patrick Henry, the 2nd says:

    People are starting to see the craziness of the left. Defund the police doesn’t play well with suburban women.

    Also given the biases inherent in polls, this actually means Trump is up by 4.

    I didn’t vote Trump last election, but the way the left has lost their minds has convinced me they can never have power until they learn humility and civility.

    1. Jim says:

      Right!” Nazi’s and Klu Kluckers are good people”
      You voted for trump –liar

    2. Chuck G says:

      Right, because the Donald is such a shining example of humility, civility and rational discourse.

      1. TheRealgulagPiittsburgh says:

        He a real American, like me.

        1. Gulagrealpittsburgh says:

          Biden will have major numbers this Nov and will sweep Dems to victory in BUCKS County

  13. Chris Kelly says:

    The gap is tightening. Thank the “Defund Police” and the leftist anarchists for that. Reasonable people have no issues with protests, but will not support lawlessness and destruction of our cities.
    Trump 2020-No More Bullshit!!!

    1. Jim says:

      Franklin and Marshall Poll 7/30/20
      Biden 50%
      trump 41%

      Biden has been on record as not favoring defunding the police.
      Bunker Boy was caught in another lie in an interview on Fox. news (who called him out on his lie) and trump failed miserably trying to backtrack. BB’s Nazi and proud boys (pussies) supporters are causing the destruction and problems at the peaceful free speech constitutional legal protest.

    2. Montco Resident says:

      Lol. The MAGA fever dream. Good luck.

      1. gulagPissburgh says:

        MAGA dreams a reality. I smell feet…

        1. 864511320 says:

          That’s not feet you smell !! You have your nose up bunker boys behind ya russian troll.
          USA is number 1— go back to your troll farm galloshusesgirl

    3. Russ Diamond says:

      Chris Kelly and his beaus love them some KKK just like me.

    4. Pocahontas says:

      Leftist lowlifes and losers.

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