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CNN Moves PA to Toss-Up Status

CNN Map 7-21-16Pennsylvania, and its twenty electoral votes, are up in the air.

CNN has released their latest electoral college map, which moves Pennsylvania from “lean Democrat” to “battleground”. This was the only one of their four changes to favor Republicans, the others were:

Wisconsin went from “battleground” to “lean Democrat”.

Colorado shifted from “battleground” to “lean Democrat”.

Utah moved from “solid Republican” to “lean Republican”.

Overall, while Clinton loses PA’s 20 electoral votes she gets nineteen back from Wisconsin (ten) and Colorado (nine).

The count now stands at 236 for Clinton, 191 for Trump and 111 up for grabs. It takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

27 Responses

  1. Oh look!! The RETARD troll is back as “Tim.” And he is still chanting “Lock her up” like the mental patients in Cleveland.


  2. “Our Girl” Will be indicted. She testifies under oath before Congress in October, by that time Wikileaks will have released all of her State Department E-mails which she deleted and then wiped her server! These will show that the billions her and her husband raised for Haiti earthquake relief [7.0 quake 2010]never made it to Haiti and the monies raised were retained by the Clinton foundation. We will also see revelations that she is indeed a criminal and those will lead to her indictment!

  3. It is difficult for so called “progressives” to see the appeal of Trump. He IS ridiculous on almost ever level. However, he appeals to a lot of angry white people. He is performing well in many places in PA and Hillary is not performing as well in places like South Philly, Northeast, Kensington, not to mention Wwhite Dem in Radnor, Haverford & Drexel Hill, where she must. Wake up Dave Diano, we better bring our “A” game. Cause if our girl doesnt drive turnout in Philly, she will need Delco like never before, especially since she could lose or narrowly win Pittsburgh area. Wake up and work!

  4. “Light years better than Bush” is the only yardstick we have to measure, since that’s the last time American voters decided to let Repubs into the White House.

  5. Alleged Billionaire in gated communities, traveling in private jets, working in protected offices and chauffeured SUVs are, of course, doing very well – by lying and cheating and suing people.

    Uber drivers and those who have to shop at Walmart are the people Trump rips off. The Ds look out for them.

  6. June Jobs Report: Unemployment Rises to 5.6%: This is now the fourth straight month that the rate has gone up.

  7. “Better than Bush” is not a high hurdle and not persuasive and compelling message;the Democrats will have to do better. The Republicans have.

    Hollywood and Wall Street Democratic Socialists Multi-Billionaires in gated communities, traveling in private jets, working in protected offices and chauffeured SUVs are, of course, doing vert well; Uber drivers and those who have to shop at Walmart are seeing a flat line.

  8. I need Trump to pull Fitzpatrick down at least ten points. It’s tough for a slippery, lying, north jersey transplant to win bucks county.

  9. In the aftermath of the Bush economic crash, unemployment in PA grew to 10.7% in March of 2010. It now stands at 5.3%. Try another lie, Tim, this one is pretty worn out.

  10. All talk, no plan = Trump

    Immigrant stealing from hardworking American = Trump’s wife

    National Embarrassment = Rs nominating Trump

  11. With her loser VP pick and unemployment in the state continuing to climb, along with her various scandals and lies that will be exposed by the time the election rolls around, PA will morph into a Red state as people can’t handle the lies and the promises from the Dems anymore! All talk and no show! What a bunch of bs artists the Dems are! Led, by a lying, crooked corruptocrat! – Lying, crooked Hillary!

  12. I have no horse in this race as I could never vote for either of the awful humans the parties have cursed us with. But if you think Clinton has this race wrapped up, you have worse political instincts than David Diano and Robert Sklaroff combined. Donald Trump is the only person in America who could lose to Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton is the only person in America who could lose to Donald Trump.

  13. Smart Observer is … well …. smart.

    Hillary and Katie are gonna smoke the pathetic garbage Repervlicans they are running against. Trump and Toomey – both about to be CRUSHED be women!!!

    Can’t wait til NOV.

  14. The real bungy would never type a lie like the one the RETARD Trump supporter types below. No one associated with BLM has killed anyone – let alone any police officers.

  15. Montco Dem, you forgot to mention Muslims are killing people all over the world and Black Lives Matter are killing COPs.

  16. Just what in God’s name do people have to be angry about? We are finishing eight years with unemployment half what it was when Bush left Washington, the stock market has more than doubled in that time, we have just a small fraction of the service casualties overseas compared to the Bush years and the rest of the world is actually talking to us and respects us again, a complete U turn from the Bush years. Gas is cheaper, people who couldn’t get healthcare coverage now have it, there is absolutely no inflation.

    Oh, and Scalia is finally dead.

    Really, what the hell is the problem?

  17. Bill – You see what you want to see. But Hillary will be your next POTUS. Prepare yourself for it now. That way, you won’t cry as much in November.

  18. I sell advertising to small and medium companies focused at travel and tourism companies ( lodging of all kinds, campgrounds, restaurants, attractions, vacation rentals, etc.) On the road from Maine to SC along with TN and OH more than I’m home. From Bangor maine to the collar counties of NYC ( orange, westchester, Nassau ). From Nashville to Cincinnati to Raleigh to Richmond VA. my ears and eyes are open. CNN can toss it’s map, the posters can spin what they want. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for Hillary and, unfortunately for her, it’s a train.
    The people are mad as hell and they are not gonna take it anymore.

  19. I remember in the primaries: trump stuck in the teens, he is toast.
    Trump will never Crack 25%
    Trump’s highwater mark is 30%
    He’ll never beat that 32%. We’re certain of it.
    (He topped that 32% number when there were still 7 candidates, 7 candidates in the race).
    Oh 35%! Are you nuts?
    And so on…

  20. Average # of police murders per year by administration:

    Reagan: 101
    Bush: 90
    Clinton: 81
    Bush: 72
    Obama: 62


  21. Now that I have heard his speech and watched as he acted like a smug asshole, I must say– Trump is going to get smoked. He will lose badly. Not sure how my party recovers from this. Cruz is a douche-bag too.

  22. Surprisingly enough, I believe it was Five Thirty Eight who gives Trump a better chance at winning PA than Virginia (not that he’s a favorite in either).

    Regardless, Trump is stuck in the low 40’s both nationally and in PA. The only way this gets interesting is if Hillary continues to sink to that level, to the benefit of the 3rd party candidates.

  23. Trump is the worst Repervlican sandidate since …. forever. Will lose in a landslide, and will certainly lose Women, Blacks, Hispanics and LGBT. He is a DISASTER for down ticket Repervlicans (like Toomey).

  24. Clinton: weakest Dem candidate since Dukakis. May lose by a landslide, and will certainly lose the Rust Belt if she picks fellow pro-TPP shills Vilsack or Kaine as veep. She is BIG trouble for downticket Dems.

  25. CNN must be desperate for ratings, by wanting to make the election appear close.

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