CNN: Pennsylvania “Leans Democrat” in Clinton-Trump Battle (VIDEO)

Pennsylvania leans toward Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

At least that’s the judgment CNN has made this morning as they released their first electoral map of the general election.

They have thirty-seven states as rated solidly Democratic or Republican.

In the Democratic column are: California (55 electoral votes), Connecticut (7), Delaware (3), DC (3), Hawaii (4), Illinois (20), Maine (4), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (11), New Jersey (14), New York (29), Oregon (7), Rhode Island (4), Vermont (3), Washington (12), Minnesota (10), and New Mexico (5).

In the GOP column are: Alabama (9), Alaska (3), Arkansas (6), Idaho (4), Indiana (11), Kansas (6), Kentucky (8), Louisiana (8), Mississippi (6), Missouri (10), Montana (3), Nebraska (5), North Dakota (3), Oklahoma (7), South Carolina (9), South Dakota (3), Tennessee (11), Texas (38), Utah (6), West Virginia (5), and Wyoming (3).

Altogether, 201 electoral votes are solidly Democratic while 164 are solidly Republican.

Pennsylvania (20) and Michigan (16) are rated as Leans Democratic while Georgia (16) and Arizona (11) are categorized as Leans Republican.

At the moment, CNN has nine official battleground states: Colorado (9), Florida (29), Iowa (6), New Hampshire (4), Nevada (6), Ohio (18), Virginia (13), Wisconsin (10), North Carolina (15).

As John King points out in the video above, Pennsylvania is a major part of Trump’s Rust Belt strategy to offset possible losses in the Southwest and other areas.

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  1. Our #BrokenSystem has made these ‘projections’ somewhat silly.

    Here is one I did in Dec 2014, as part of study on the silliness of the Electoral College…before any candidates were known and none but HRC was even presumed. No conflicts:

    Here you see mine from the day before Cruz and Kasich dropped out. True Rubio was out, but him in (or Dem O’Malley) would not have changed this.

    I only have OH and FL as toss ups, although if Clinton I give it to Trump, with TheBern I keep it in play. I have MI as GOP, but I have taken mucho guff for that and acknowledge it has as much chance of going blue as VA does going red.

    Other than that, no conflicts either:

  2. Rambling and incoherent is right. He must know he is about to go to JAIL. Nothing his brother can do about it. Nothing his pal, Norcross can do about it. Nothing his PR firms and law firms can do about it.

    Seth Williams tried to cover for Dougherty – but that has failed too. Seth’s 2nd in command, Kathy Martin, even hung up on a reporter trying to get details on why Dougherty wasn’t getting arrested and charged. Turns out the reason was $$$.

    Now all his candidates are losing too (Zappala got smoked; Boyle lost). Wonder if Kevin Dougherty is going to have to answer for those Hate-gate e-mails. Wonder if it’s true tha this brother Kevin spent his first week on the Supreme Court making calls for fellow Hate-gater, Michael Eakin.

    Lets hope this sad chapter in PA politics comes to an end soon. The FBI, I’m sure, is watching.

  3. Don’t worry guys, I met with Hillary Clinton and wrote a rambling, incoherent press release about it. I’ll be hard at work figuring out ways to alienate Democrats in my own party in the fall, but I’ll still claim victory when Clinton wins in November.

  4. In this election, Colordao, Virginia and Nevada are lean Dem. Trump has a better chance in Ohio than these three states

  5. CNN, conveniently ignoring those polls showing Clinton up in Utah of all places. Deserves a paler shade of red at the very least.

    In all likelihood, he’ll win Utah, but Trump’s “Mormon Problem” is going to kill him in the West.

  6. Pennsylvania has gone “blue” in every presidential election since Bill Clinton won in 1992. The state is even more “Dem” now than then.

    This is not a shock. I could have made the same prediction about the 2016 race 4 or 8 years ago (without even knowing the candidates).

  7. Per CNN’s own poll out today, Trump is down 13 points nationally and performing significantly worse off than Romney did in nearly every demographic.

    If Obama could beat McCain in “Solidly Republican” Indiana 8 years ago, then Hillary will beat Trump there this time. Same goes for North Carolina, Florida and every other “swing state” listed. Even in “Leans Republican” Arizona, a recent poll has Hillary over Trump by 7.

    This will be a slaughter. And Trump’s enablers deserve the amnesty, gun control, leftist SCOTUS appointment and whatever other measure President Clinton and Majority Leader Schumer shove down their throats in early 2017.

  8. I thought it was November 8. Was it moved to an earlier date or is the public missing something?

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