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CNN Rates PA As a ‘Battleground’ in Debut 2020 Electoral College Map

Pennsylvania is currently a “Battleground” state for the 2020 presidential election, according to CNN’s debut 2020 Electoral College map

In an article published on June 11, the Keystone State is one of six states listed as a “Battleground,” meaning it is leaning towards neither party for the presidential election. Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes also places it as the state with the second most electoral votes up for grabs in this column. Other states included in this category include Florida, which has 29 electoral votes, Michigan’s 16 electoral votes, North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes, Arizona’s 11 electoral votes, and Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes. 

CNN’s David Chalian and Terence Burlij write that the 101 electoral votes among the six battleground states will “likely prove decisive in selecting the direction the country heads in for the next four years.”

Neither party has the 270 electoral votes needed to capture the White House, but former Vice President Joe Biden has “the advantage both nationally and in many key battleground states,” over President Donald Trump although it is added in the story that “the idea that this race is all wrapped up in June seems a bit far-fetched.” 

232 electoral votes are either “solid” or “leans” Democratic in the 2020 Electoral College debut map, while Republicans have 205 electoral votes that are listed as either “solid” or “leans” in their favor. 

The Real Clear Politics average shows Biden besting Trump by 3.3 points in Pennsylvania.

CNN is just the latest outlet to characterize Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes as up for grabs. The Cook Political Report, Fox News, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, and Politico all have Pennsylvania in the Toss-Up column for the presidential race.

See the full 2020 Electoral College debut map from CNN here.

5 Responses

  1. Trump supporters remind me of fans of bands that were cult type bands like “Mott The Hoople” or “The Kinks” or Jerry Garcia fans or Bob Weir fans or John Prine fans—-totally dedicated and thinking that their band is the ultimate. I see MAGA hats and t shirts in supermarkets and one guy had his MAGA hat in the back of his car sitting near the rear window so drivers could see it. One guy was in the supermarket with the MAGA T-shirt and MAGA hat on like the most dedicated Jerry Garcia fan. Hillary was not popular and folks confuse her unpopularity with Trump having a massive fan base when he is really like “Mott The Hoople” in terms of popularity.

    1. He does have a lot of fans who love his rhetoric even when he contradicts himself. That is not an illusion. Still, PA should be Biden’s for the taking. A close race though.

  2. Good luck to Jim Milktoast Bognet in helping The Donald by firing up Trumpsters in NEPA. Hopefully he’ll have lots of Java events in his Italian loafers to bond with the regular folk.

    1. I think some soft R’s will come home in the end. I also think he has permanently lost some Lite R women voters who held their noses in 16 and voted for him. The Trump campaign seems to be trying to use the same exact playbook. It will preach to the choir which IS significant in PA. Still, the off year elections spoke volumes. The D’s now have more registered voters than the R’s in Chester County. Trump has not expanded his base but has motivated him opposition. He could ill afford to lose any voters from 16. I think he has lost some. Not a ton though. Enough to make a difference.

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