Cohen and Dougherty Go Head-to-Head in Philly

Chris Brennan/Inquirer

When power brokers collide…

Comcast Senior Executive VP David L. Cohen and IBEW 98 Business Manager John Dougherty had an animated discussion last night.

According to Chris Brennan of the Inquirer, the incident occurred when union protesters jeered Cohen at Mark Segal’s book party.

The IBEW is striking against NBC 10, Philadelphia’s affiliate and a part of the Comcast empire. Cohen wasn’t pleased with the workers’ actions.

“I’m here for Mark Segal,” Cohen said. “These guys would do better at the bargaining table than they would handing out silly fliers.”

When told that Dougherty was in attendance, Cohen sought him out and the two been talking to each other. Brennan described it as “a lively conversation”.

“I get David,” Dougherty said afterward. “David is at a different level now. His office at Comcast is so high up there that you can’t even see it in a plane.”

It does not seem as if a reconciliation is imminent.

6 Responses

  1. My theory is exactly RIGHT! 10 k from Cohen for a Supreme Court Canidate is the equivalent of 250.00. It’s a drop in the bucket of what Comcast gives when they ” support” a canidate. 10 k lol

  2. Whistleblower just to correct the record, David Cohen and his wife hosted an event for Kevin Dougherty in the primary and if you look at the campaign finance reports they each donated $10,000 so your theory is wrong.

  3. @Whistleblower and Observer, I hate to respond to ad hominem with ad hominem, but you two are representative of why PoliticsPA commentors are universally mocked. Get over yourselves and realize that both of these guys are doing their best to represent their respective organizations and members/shareholders. They are doing their jobs. Grow up.

  4. Pardon my French ; This is not about jobs or union pay. This is about Cohen not supporting this union thugs brother for Supreme Court. This is typical Johnny Doc coercion tactics. The contract that they haven’t had for 6 years has been livable up until now. Lol. It’s about not getting a discount to air Kevin’s ads. This is Johnny Doc being Johnny Doc. Don’t let him buy his brother that seat. We all know what happened the last time with McCaffery. And yes Cohen is a slug that’s been getting a free ride for decades

  5. Pardon my french, but with all due respect, Cohen is a fat, scumsucking leech who lies every time he opens his mouth and seeks out the lowest of the low as clients, to wit, the Roberts family. He is a pus-filled boil on the backside of humanity who leaks all over Pennsylvania. He should burn in hell, but the Devil won’t have him.

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