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Coleman, Frye Call for GOP Civility in Quest for Nominations

Republican candidates for lieutenant governor Jeff Coleman and Chris Frye released a video via social media on Thursday, calling for more civility among the GOP candidates for all offices.

The pair appeared in the 1:50 video addressing the campaigning tactics of Doug Mastriano and Teddy Daniels, candidates for the PA governor and lieutenant governor, respectively. Taking alternate turns speaking, Coleman and Frye called them out for “using slogans and borderline slander to pit one group of conservative Republicans against another saying one side is right, but implying the rest are somehow enemies of the people.”

“This has to stop. We’re never going to win an election against the Democrats this fall if we keep acting and talking like this,” Coleman added.

“All Republican candidates are pro-life, all pro-second amendment, all support school choice and all want fair elections, low taxes and more freedom and that’s fact,” said Frye.

“The attacks leveled against Coleman and Frye only do a disservice to Republican voters,” the campaigns said in a statement. “Coleman and Frye have both served as elected officials, and know that winning elections means debating issues not launching veiled criticisms about your opponent’s character by way of name-calling and spreading misinformation about someone’s background.”

The video is in response to a Facebook Live post done by Daniels. The former Army combat veteran and congressional candidate said “Never before in Republican politics have I heard someone quote Mr. Rogers. Everybody who lives in my neighborhood, “We’re taking back our country, we’re taking the power away from the establishment. Our voices will be heard again, I promise you.”

Coleman was not named, but the campaign claims that it is in reference to him, as the candidate does refer to the late Fred Rogers in stump speeches and campaign literature.

Daniels continued, “Again, you’re not gonna like everything I have to say but you’re gonna hear it from me. Because I’m not trying to make people happy. The days of playing nice are over. The time of playing nice is over. You have the Democrats coming at us with brass knuckles and baseball bats and we still have people on the right that want to play patty-cake and engage in pillow fights. That’s not how we win.”

The video from Coleman and Frye “is a respectful appeal to Mastriano and Daniels to stop these baseless attack and focus on the issues because that is what the voters deserve.”

10 Responses

  1. I agree with Jeff Coleman’s approach to civility. No one has to agree, in fact, disagreements are what maintain a healthy republic. But there is a difference between disagreements and outright contempt for our fellow man. I hope we reflect the values we wish to see in our children. Honestly, the public arena needs more Jeffs.

  2. Two crybabies. This vid reinforces my decision NOT to vote for them. Spineless swamp creatures who don’t like getting sand kicked in their face. Withdraw from the race fellas.

  3. Wow. Republicans in 2022 who are more interested in winning in November than pandering to the red-hat brigade. Now I’ve seen everything.

  4. Since when is politics like flag football? As President Harry Truman once said “if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.” I think it was Truman who said “if you want a friend in Washington get a dog.” I think it shows if you are overly sensitive that you may not be up to the tough times when in office.

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