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Commonwealth Court: Democratic Primary Endorsements Thread

seal_commonwealth - 001469PoliticsPA is compiling all the endorsements for the Democratic candidates for Commonwealth Court during the Primary.  We will be updating this list as they happen.  

The candidates for Commonwealth Court are Timothy Barry, Rep. Bryan Barbin, Judge Ellen Ceisler, Irene Clark, Joe Cosgrove, and Todd Eagen

February 20th

Judge Ellen Ceisler announced that she received the endorsements from the Democratic Committees of Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties.  Ceisler was one vote shy of receiving the endorsement of the Lancaster Democratic Party.  

“I am so thankful to Democratic activists in Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester for voting to formally endorse my campaign,” Ceisler said.  

“I am also proud to have gotten 65 percent of the vote in Lancaster Country, just one vote shy of the supermajority needed for an endorsement.”

February 23rd

Todd Eagen announced the endorsement of the Laborer’s District Council of Western Pennsylvania.  The Council represents construction and other laborers in the 33 counties in western Pennsylvania.  

“It is truly humbling to have the endorsement of these hardworking men and women that go out every day to construction sites throughout Western Pennsylvania to make sure that we have the infrastructure we need to grow and prosper as a Commonwealth,” Eagen said.

March 14th

Judge Ellen Ceisler announced the endorsement of the Dauphin County Democratic Committee.

“I am grateful to Chairwoman Rogette Harris and the entire Democratic Committee in Dauphin for their strong vote of confidence in our campaign,” Ceisler said.

March 25th 

Judge Ellen Ceisler was recommended for endorsement by the Allegheny County Labor Council.

“The Commonwealth Court is vitally important for the future of Pennsylvania’s working men and women. I am looking forward to working with the Allegheny County Labor Council to ensure that we get two judges on this Court who will protect hardworking Pennsylvanians every day,” Ceisler said.

March 25th

Judge Joe Cosgrove was recommended for endorsement by the Allegheny County Labor Council.

I am honored to receive the endorsement of organized labor in Allegheny County.  Working men and women are the backbone of this Commonwealth and I am humbled to have their support,” Cosgrove said.

April 14th

Todd Eagen’s Campaign released a full list of endorsements.

“These endorsements serve as a testament that Pennsylvanians are ready for that to be not just my message, but also the standard for our Commonwealth Court,” Eagen said.

The list can be found below.

AFSCME District Council 47, Allegheny County Democratic Committee, Bucks County Democratic Committee, Cement Masons Local 592, Dauphin County Democratic Committee, Delaware County Democratic Committee, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5, Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge, Independent State Store Union, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 830, Laborer’s District Council of Western PA, Lackawanna County Democratic Committee, Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club, Montgomery County Democratic Committee, National Organization of Women – PA, Recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters, Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Recommended by the Pennsylvania State Education Association, Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association, Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, Philadelphia City Democratic Committee, Plumbers Local 690, Recommended by the Philadelphia Labor Council, Schuylkill County Democratic Committee, Steel City Stonewall Democrats, Westmoreland County Democratic Committee

April 25th

Judge Ellen Ceisler’s campaign announced endorsements from the United Coal Miners of America Pennsylvania State Council, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Pennsylvania Chapter of the International Association of Firefighters, the International Association of Firefighters from Pittsburgh (Local 1), Philadelphia (Local 22), Allentown (Local 302) and Bethlehem (Local 735).

“Judge Ceisler’s experience, knowledge, and background not only make her an exceptional candidate for office, but will also assist her in making sound and informed decisions with regards to fair workplace practices in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” IAFF 302 President Jeremy Warmkessel said.

May 1st

Judge Ellen Ceisler’s campaign announced endorsements from the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Organization of Women, the Liberty City LGBT Club, the Pennsylvania Democratic Latino Caucus, and Pittsburgh’s 14th Ward Independent Club.

“The Commonwealth Court will be at the forefront in the fight against discrimination in Pennsylvania. On the bench, and through my involvement in Anti-Defamation League, I have worked to eliminate hatred and discrimination against women, racial and religious minorities, and the LGBT community. I would like to continue that mission as a judge on the Commonwealth Court,” Ceisler in a release announcing the endorsements.

May 5th

Judge Ellen Ceisler’s campaign announced endorsements from State Representative Ryan Bizzaro, and DNC Member and Democratic State Committee Northwest Caucus Chair Ian Murray.

“Judge Ceisler is exactly the type of person that we want on the Commonwealth Court. She is hard working, fiercely independent, and most importantly – compassionate,” Bizzaro said in a release.

May 8th

Judge Ellen Ceisler was endorsed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s editorial board.

“Judge Ceisler, who received a “recommended” rating from the state bar, is impressive for her qualifications and her ideas,” the board wrote in their endorsement article.

May 8th

Judge Joe Cosgrove was endorsed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s editorial board.

“Judge Cosgrove also has worked as chief counsel for the state Supreme Court and as a municipal zoning board and county row office solicitor. His commitment to social justice led to a friendship with St. Teresa of Calcutta. He also is a friend of actor Martin Sheen, worked with him on initiatives against domestic violence and appeared in several episodes of “The West Wing,” a television series starring Mr. Sheen,” the board wrote in the endorsement article.

May 12th

Former Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and state Senator Daylin Leach sent out separate emails today endorsing Judge Ellen Ceisler.

“The Commonwealth Court hears cases involving government policy – including critical matters such as voting rights, the environment, education funding and women’s rights. Judge Ceisler has the right experience for the job,” Schwartz wrote in her email.

“If we’ve learned anything from the election of Donald Trump, it’s that judges matter. It was a judge who stopped the travel ban. It was a judge who halted Trump’s attack on sanctuary cities.  That’s why I’m asking for you to join me in electing an outstanding woman to Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court, Judge Ellen Ceisler,” Leach wrote in his email.

May 15th

Former U.S. Senate candidate Katie McGinty endorsed Todd Eagen’s campaign for Commonwealth Court.

“Todd is a labor attorney who represents and has fought for over 35,000 public sector union employees. He has worked tirelessly to defend workers’ rights,” McGinty said in an email announcing the endorsement.

May 15th

Former U.S. Senate candidate Katie McGinty endorsed Judge Ellen Ceisler’s campaign for Commonwealth Court.

“Judge Ceisler has spent her entire career fighting for the underdog, starting as an Assistant District Attorney standing up for victims of domestic violence. Since then, she’s worked as an investigative journalist, fought for safer schools, and helped improve accountability in the Philadelphia Police Department,” McGinty said in an email announcing the endorsement.

18 Responses

  1. Billy Caye is on the secret porn list but so what. He will fix the superior court to keep guilty people guilty as long as the godfather wants to protect my cousin Stevie, JUNIOR in alleg county. We own him so what’s wrong with that?

  2. Oh nothing. I’m sure everything is on the up-and-up, but I just thought somebody should check all the law licenses the way they check all the water bills. Just in case, ya know?

  3. Can we have a Candidates: Under Federal Investigation thread as well?

    And has anyone confirmed that all of these folks are licensed? I can’t find all of them on the state’s website. Hint hint. We don’t need another 197th fiasco.

  4. The Hon. Bryan Barbin is a man of integrity that fought harder than anyone I know to keep the Scotland School open for children of veterans.

  5. We got some great judge candidates. I’m voting Eagen Because he has fought for the working people and unions. He is also has the morals, ethics and integrity we need in a judge. he is fair and a good qualified man. He also got most of the county endorsements that endorse. At State Committee he was only one to get the endorsement in his race and got close to 85% of the vote. That speaks volumes.

  6. I’m voting for Judge Ceisler. I don’t give a shit if her family owns this site. She’s a great Judge and Larry Ceisler has helped candidates get elected for years. Get a life.

  7. Jim Crumlish is not a candidate for Commonwealth Court. He is not on the Dep’t of State’s list of candidates for that court who have filed nomination petitions. Rather, Crumlish has filed nomination petitions to appear as a candidate for judge of the Philadelphia CCP.

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  9. Obviously PoliticsPA is in the bag for Ceisler. Family connections, Advertiser on the site. That’s a no-brainer.

  10. Also, @onlythetruth… Eagen was endorsed too! But read the darn post why don’t ya! It says Ellen “announced”…. did Eagen “announce” his endorsement? I think they do press releases when they get one. maybe talk to Eagen’s media people.

  11. Todd has the endorsement of all those counties. They’re following the state endorsement. They’re only endorsing for that second seat. Ellen also said she locked up the Southeast and that’s simply not true. Bucks County didn’t endorse for the second seat. Is Bucks not Southeast?

  12. Eagen was endorsed in Delaware, and Montgomery Counties. Why isn’t that mentioned under February 20th? Does someone at Politics Pa have ties to Ceisler?

  13. When does the public get the full email-porn list, to see if any of these candidates are on the list? Too many clown car judges already. Mercer County “judge” Thomas Dobson is a liar and probably a sex pervert, too.

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