Commonwealth Court: First Quarter Democratic Fundraising

seal_commonwealth - 001469 (1)Fundraising totals for the first quarter have been released for the contested race for the Democratic nominations for the Commonwealth Court, and we are breaking down the numbers.  

Judge Ellen Ceisler leads the candidates in cash on hand (COH) with $108,263.49.  Todd Eagen is in second with $32,725.14 COH, and Judge Joe Cosgrove rounds out the top three with $12,454.74 COH.  State Representative Bryan Barbin has $4,280.57 COH, Timothy Barry has $1,899.51 COH, and Irene McLaughlin Clark has $0.00 COH.  

Eagen was the top fundraiser of the quarter raising $59,295 in the quarter.  Cosgrove came in second raising $47,800, and Ceisler came in third raising $23,310.  Barry came in third with $11,225 raised, fourth was Barbin with $5,50 raised, and Clark was last with $0.00 raised.  

Eagen was the only candidate endorsed by the Democratic State Party.  Being able to fundraise effectively in judicial elections will help the candidates who do get their name out to the public leading up to the primary, especially in races with low name recognition.  

The candidates are running for the nomination to fill two open seats on the Commonwealth Court.

7 Responses

  1. Sorry, John. They just win the most votes. We don’t want pro-birth and NRA crazies making judicial decisions.

  2. Dems have nothing to worry about with money. Their judicial candidates are always bought and paid for by trial lawyers and unions. Read the campaign finance reports.

  3. That’s just a bit sexist there PacMan… saying Judge Ceisler’s candidacy is based on the ex-husband’s money and name? How about the fact that she is a sitting judge, had an accomplished career, and seems to be doing very well with the endorsements. She did really well at the Montco Dems convention, I know that.

  4. Seems like money will not be a factor in this election. I don’t see how one raises money for any of the sub supreme courts. It can only be how many lawyers and friends can you tap.

  5. Convenient that there was no mention that $100,000 of Ceisler’s money was just given at the end of the year by her ex-husband. So considering that her candidacy is essentially based on his money AND his last name, are we electing Judge Larry Ceisler? We’ll never know on PoliticsPA……(sponsored by Ceisler Media)

  6. Ceisler might want to use some of the money . There’s only a month left until the election.

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