Community Activist Enters Race to Challenge Kelly

_20170620_111239Brian Skibo is jumping into the race to challenge Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Butler) next year.  

“I am running for US House of Representatives because I can relate to the fear that PA-3 residents feel if healthcare is stripped away from them and their family.  As a brain cancer patient my family and I live with that fear every day,” Skibo said in a release.  

At a protest this year, Skibo said he is battling an inoperable and incurable brain tumor.

Skibo is a community activist from Hermitage.

“I look forward to meeting with thousands of district residents this summer to hear their concerns but also let them know about my middle class background coming from a family of self-employed business owners which are the backbone of this economy not corporations,” Skibo said.  

Kelly ran unopposed for the seat last year.  

Kelly’s campaign declined to comment on this story.

28 Responses

  1. anyone but mike kelly, what a dup! total failure! unbelievable failure! huge failure! demented Grampa kelly munster should return back to his basement car sales vodoo accounting lab where he can do what he does. his stand with trump shows him to be un-american treacherous treasonous scumbagilican who only considers himself & the 1% overlords. trumpcare going after old poeple in nursing homes!!!! he supports this, how much is a aircraft carrier fleet… per day we got 10 were adding 2 more! yet veterans & gramma can get kicked to the curbless pot hole road… oh yeah mike kelly voted to keep & protect the house’s OBAMACARE/ACA .. KELLY MUST GO!! GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You have presented some very well articulated responses. Everyone is lucky you were here to inform them. I think it is abundantly clear you are looking at this race through an honest and unbiased sense. Thanks for the clarity and insight.

  2. I cannot recall ever having voted for someone who does not have, or did not have, a job in the traditional sense of the word. I think that work experience is essential to understanding how our capitalist society works, for good and for ill. And I would not vote for someone whose medical condition suggested that he might not be able to finish the term in full health.

  3. These twits have no clue. Bashing one of the most respected members in Congress
    These poor losers, with personal attacks on Mike Kelly, have the IQ of a tree stump!

    1. Kelly is a tea party clown and hardly “one of the most respected members in Congress.” Or are you kidding? You’re kidding, right?

  4. Not as dumb as Rotfus…he can’t get off the turnpike without mafia help. Uncle Charley to the rescue…again.

  5. I’m glad to see more people are getting involved and stepping up. We need more good people in office and who just wants to do the right thing for their community or district. People in the PA 3 I hope you vote for this man.

  6. Tough district, but one a legitimate Democrat could win in a good year. But much more fun to wail about reapportionment than to recruit candidates.

    1. The GOP split metro Erie between the 3rd and the 5th, and diluted those voters with rural Republicans, so it is indeed legitimate, and fun, to whine about redistricting. Though I agree, the Democrats could win this with a good candidate and good party support, neither of which have been forthcoming in recent elections.

      1. Literally no one ran against Kelly in 2016. So look at local support before complaining about party support. The party can only support people who chose to run.

        1. True, no one ran against Kelly last time, though there was a military officer who wanted to, but was told he could not. And even when candidates run in districts like the 3rd and the 5th, they get no help from the state (i.e. Philadelphia) or national parties. None. Western PA Dems are getting tired of Phildelphia and DC running things into the ground.

  7. “Cement Head Mike Kelly”. You could plant the entire land mass of Asia on his forehead.

  8. Precisely what does this term, “community activist,” suggest? Does Mr. Ski I have a job, a profession, or anything that tells us how he sustains himself? In what community matters is he active?

      1. Kelly owns a small business, David. He has led a life of accomplishments. You can be unhappy with his performance but don’t start tearing down the guy because you disagree.

        1. Kelly inherited a good-sized car dealership, if you call that an accomplishment. Now he spouts tea-party nonsense, if you call that an accomplishment.

          1. I do call runni g a small business an accomplishment. Much more of an accomplishment when compared to “community organizer”. Maybe Ds will dump tens of millions into this one and then pivot to excuses as to why the race didn’t matter when they lose.

    1. He’s on the frontlines fighting for healthcare and going through chemo at the same time. And you have the nerve to question his job status!?!?

        1. Mike Kelly voted for the AHCA – a terrible bill that would deny healthcare to over 24M Americans — which tens of thousands in PA-03.

  9. Kelly may be the dumbest person in Congress. A complete dope. He’s so far up Trump’s a** he can see his tonsils. Sad

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