Congressman Dent’s Five Point Job Plan

Harrisburg, PA — On Tuesday, John Callahan released a comprehensive five point job plan that received positive media coverage across his district. In contrast, Congressman Charlie Dent has failed to release a plan to create jobs. We took the liberty of outlining a five point plan for him based on his votes in Congress and policy positions.

“At every opportunity, Congressman Charlie Dent has sided with corporations and Wall Street over Pennsylvania families,” said Mark Nicastre, spokesman with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Congressman Charlie Dent’s five point job plan is simple: ship jobs overseas, create offshore corporate tax havens, discourage small business hiring, let Wall Street run wild and privatize Social Security. It may be right for his corporate donors, but it’s the wrong plan for Pennsylvania.”

1. Ship Jobs Overseas

Congressman Charlie Dent voted to provide tax incentives for companies to ship jobs overseas. Earlier this month, he had an opportunity to close this loophole and he voted to keep it open. [H.R. 2419, Vote #755, 7/27/2007 and H.R. 1606, Vote #517, 8/10/2010]

2. Create Offshore Corporate Tax Havens

Congressman Charlie Dent voted to create offshore tax havens that corporations use to avoid paying their fare share. [H.R. 3058, Vote #351, 6/30/2005]

3. Discourage Small Business Hiring

Congressman Charlie Dent voted against legislation that would encourage small businesses to hire more employees. [H.R. 2847, Vote #90, 3/4/2010]

4. Let Wall Street Gamble with Your Money

Congressman Charlie Dent voted against legislation to hold Wall Street accountable for their reckless behavior. The legislation would prevent Wall Street banks from making risky bets that endanger the economy by strengthening oversight and improving transparency. [H.R. 4173, Vote 968, 12/11/09]

5. Privatize Social Security

Congressman Charlie Dent supported Social Security privatization, which would have put seniors’ retirement savings in the hands of Wall Street bankers. [The Morning Call, March 17, 2005]

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