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Conservative Ads Target 3 GOP Reps

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor
Pa. Reps. Jim Marshall, Ron Miller and Bernie O’Neill can look forward to some less than cheerful television ads this holiday season.Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania(CAP), the conservative group chaired by former Pa. Rep. JohnKennedy, will target the three lawmakers in a television and radio ad campaign through Christmas.“This first round of ads targeting House members exposes some ‘so-called’ conservative members’ less than stellar voting records,” said CAP’s Executive Director Leo Knepper. “We hope that by highlighting some of their more egregious votes it might motivate them to consider what the tax-payers of this state want to see accomplished this year.”

Marshall (R-Beaver) and O’Neill (R-Bucks) have drawn the group’s ire for their votes in favor of budgets and projects supported by former Governor Ed Rendell.

CAP reserves its strongest criticism for Miller (R-York), Chair of the House Labor and Industry Committee, who it accuses of delaying right-to-work legislation which prohibits employers from making membership in a labor union a condition of employment (a common negotiation demand of unions).

After a summer hearing, Miller said right-to-work legislation was not his top priority. Rather, he would focus on other proposals opposed by labor unions, including reforms to prevailing wage laws and changes to the state’s unemployment compensation system.

The group launched a similar campaign earlier this year against Republican Senators Pat Vance (R-Cumberland) and Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming). Spending as well as school vouchers were the primary issues in those ads.

Knepper would not confirm the size of the buy, except to say it was smaller than the six-figure splash against Vance and Yaw. He said the group intended to use the ads to achieve an impact by themselves, rather than via earned media.

It’s part of CAP’s broader mission to pressure Republican legislators from the right.

3 Responses

  1. This exemplifies how utterly stupid, self-important, and cowardly, Leo Knepper and Kennedy are. They’re following in the footsteps of that other CAP screw-up Joe Sterns. You remember, the guy who ran the Schulykill County Republicans into the ground. The guy, whose threatening email to certain State Senators cost us the chance to pass vouchers in the spring. Here’s a tip Leo, and if you can, pass this along to Joe “I’m blowing Toomey as we speak” Stearns, bullying someone doesn’t work. In fact, their response is normally a big F you. To talk about stupidity, lets take their idea of running an ad against O’Neill from a far right think tank. It will only solidify his support among his constituents. They’re middle of the road Republicans from Bucks County. I know the rest of the State hates those kind, but without them, you have no Republican majority. Second, they really believe they’re doing something good here, like they’re important in this process. Someone should tell them that their group is laughed at in the Capitol. No one takes them serious. Even their so-called friends laugh at them behind their back. They need to look in the mirror, they’re not important, they’re losers who want to be important. It’s sad really. Finally, they’re the biggest bunch of cowards in the room. These are the guys who will pick on the little kid, but run when the big kid comes around. If they want to push this bill, attack the one prick in that House that is holding it up. Mike Turzai. Anyone can run ads against Marshall, Miller and O’Neill, it’s time they put up and shut up and run an ad against the biggest threat to vouchers in Pennsylvania – MIKE TURZAI.

  2. Bernie O’Neill and I would estimate 99% of every state/federal elected official exemplify reasons for term limits. These people do as little as possible in the hope of spending as much time as possible doing it so that upon retirement they collect more in pensions/benefits than most people imagine would be possible.

    The handful of representatives who do honor their oaths of office, our laws, and perform the job we pay them to do are described as “firebrands” and other derogatory terms, ridiculed by their peers and the press, and all too often lacking in support from their own Party.
    In government we truly do get what the special interests pay for.

  3. Excerpt from Rep. Marsico’s response to constituent’s request of support to HB 832 and 878:

    “During my time in the legislature and particularly as a member and now chair of the judiciary committee, I have consistently sponsored and supported legislation that enhances public safety and supports victims and will always continue to do so. I hope I have adequately articulated why I cannot support these particular bills and that you will understand that my inability to do in no way suggests a lack of support for these or other victims of child sexual abuse.”

    REP. RON MARSICO OPPOSES HB 832 AND 878 and still has not indicated, despite his opposition, when or if, he will schedule hearings for these important bills sponsored by Reps. McGeehan and Bishop of Philadelphia.

    Mr. Marsico, you describe your “inability” to support these bills; what you mean is that you have made a conscious, deliberate, thoughtful and individual decision as an elected official to oppose these legislative initiatives. You were clearly “able” and decided not to support them.

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