Consideration of Assault Weapons Ban Stopped

In light of the shooting at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, a call by Pennsylvania House Democrats to consider an assault weapons ban was halted by the GOP-controlled body, 111-87.

In December 2020, then-representative Ed Gainey sponsored HB 370 that called for the banning of high-capacity semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 that was used in Texas, Sandy Hook and Parkland.

Democrats called for a suspension of the rules, since the bill had not moved out of committee, to consider the bill and the ban.

The vote was almost entirely across party lines. Only one Republican – Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery) voted in support of the suspension, while one Democrat – Chris Sainato (D-Lawrence) voted against it.

Stephens will face Democrat Melissa Cerrato in the fall, while GOP candidate Marla Brown will oppose Sainato.

13 Responses

  1. As usual, leftist ghouls jump on a tragedy to get more power for themselves by proposing laws which punish law-abiding citizens, while pushing cultural rot that allows groups like Antifa and BLM to run riot without consequences. The left is the primary reason that normal Americans need the right to own guns.

    1. Law-abiding citizens are not being “punished” by attempts to outlaw these dangerous assault rifles that have NO legitimate civilian purpose.

      I strongly suspect that your definition of “normal Americans” is white people.

  2. The only people who should have assault style weapons and large capacity ammunition clips are the military, law enforcement and Hollywood/TV Props Departments. Civilians have no need for these mass murder weapons. They don’t need it for self protection, target shooting or hunting.

    1. And none of these people need to take assault weapons home with them. Lock them up at the base, police station, or other secure facility.

    2. Agreed. Benninghoff appears not to recognize that, due to redistricting, there is a very real possibility that the House will go Blue this fall, and being a supporter of Assault Weapons won’t win many swing districts.

    3. Better get rid of the Cars, knives, Hair Dryers, ElectricKnives, all this stuff kills PEOPLE. LETS BE SERIOUS. AS SOON AS SOMEONE PICKS UP A GUN, LETS GET RID OF IT..

      1. Mabe we should get rid of the Clowns in Washington. They are hurting the whole economy. How about that…

      2. When someone mass-murders a classroom of children with a hair-dryer, we’ll get right on that.

        In the meantime, there is NO legitimate civilian purpose for these assault rifles nor any high-capacity magazines.

  3. I think we should take a moment to honor the sacrifice by those 19 brave kids, who laid down their lives to protect the right of under-endowed men to collect as many people-killing guns as they need to make themselves feel less inadequate.

  4. A lunatic kills 21 at a grade school in Texas and we can’t ban weapons like high capacity semi automatic rifles? All the thoughts, prayers and condolences mean nothing without legislative action. As it has been said, “the Lord helps those who help themselves.” If we keep talking about thoughts, prayers and condolences it really amounts to a dodge to do the gritty work and hold a mirror up to ourselves and see how really phony are those thoughts, prayers and condolences.

      1. All you can do is vote these gun enthusiasts out of office but hey, they are all pro-life or so they say. Wouldn’t want to piss the NRA off now.

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