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Controversial Sheriff Comes To Gettysburg

By Judith Ayers, Contributing Writer 

On January 21st of 1994 during a Sheriff’s Association meeting in Arizona. Federal agents walked in with documents for the twelve sheriffs that were meeting. The documents had directions for the Sheriffs on how to implement and enforce the Brady Bill. If those directions were not followed, the sheriffs would be subject to federal arrest.

Last night the Adams County 9-12 Patriots flooded the 1863 Inn of Gettysburg in order to hear Sheriff Mack speak. Sheriff Mack, former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, originally elected in 1988 in Arizona and in 1992 re-elected. He is best known for winning a U.S. Supreme Court Case against the Clinton Administration.

The decision, Printz v. United States, Mack and another sheriff, Sheriff Printz convinced the Supreme Court that some provisions of the Brady Act were unconstitutional. They built their case off of states rights and the tenth amendment, Mack and Sheriff Printz filed separate actions, along with six other sheriffs who joined the lawsuit. They challenged the constitutionality of the Brady Act’s provisions. They objected to the use of congressional action to mandate state officers to execute Federal law.

Mack is a proponent of State Nullification/Rights and advocates first and foremost to follow the oath that he swore when taking office, to follow his word.

“Throughout my who career I never heard anyone talk about the oath we took before office.” Said Mack who is on the board of directors for Oath Keepers. Through his speech Mack also included key quotes from the Kentucky Resolution of 1798 by Thomas Jefferson to make his case, as well has clips from movies like, The Patriot.

When PoliticsPA spoke with Mack he made it clear where he thought the solutions were to our nations problems were found. He said that state sovereignty is the last solution remaining to our problems in Washington, “Unless you think that somehow we’ll get our freedom in D.C.” he laughed.

“This refers to the EPA when dealing with my land,” and as he mentioned later in his talk  “taxation through citation and the drug war” But “state sovereignty issue isn’t about secession”

“these are not my opinions, this is what the constitution says, and what the founding fathers said…states formed the federal government not the other way around”

The path towards victory against the Federal government wasn’t easy. Mack stated several times that he was “scared to death about suing” but he felt like he had no other choice. He was met with resounding applause when he said that “you don’t have to ask permission to keep your oath of office…you don’t put freedom up to a vote”

Maintaining that the solutions to our nations problems were through state sovereignty, “Where do we concentrate our efforts to take back America peacefully? Sheriffs, county by county; state by state.”

As a Sheriff involved in the drug war, he was also quick to stress his dislike for it and for “no excessive fines or bail” as per the 8th amendment, when speaking about radar tickets for speed violations.

“As an undercover cop who risked my life for Marijuana…the Drug war is useless and futile”

Throughout the talk Mack maintained his allegiance first and foremost to individual rights and liberty, “the army to set other men free is not in Iraq or Afghanistan, it’s right here in America”

Politics PA also spoke with Jeff Trish the head organizer of the Adams County 9-12 Patriots. He state that the 9-12 Patriots mission was to educate the public on the Constitution and government in general. “We have speakers from both sides of the aisle”

Jeff was quick to state that they are not concerned or side tracked with issues like Obama’s birth certificate and whether or not 9/11 was an Inside job. But were more concerned with the Constitution and a government that follows it’s own laws.

“We never cared about the birth certificate…we’re not interested in conspiracy theory’s”

2 Responses

  1. I see Sheriff Mack still covers all the bases (state’s rights, nullification, oaths of office) and knocks one out of the park for freedom. I was a bit disappointed with this article. It would have been nice to offer more information for those who were unable to attend. I was also disappointed with the spelling and grammatical errors coming from someone who writes for a living. Nevertheless, if anyone gets the chance to see Richard Mack speak, definitely take the time. It will be well spent.

    One more thing – the quote from Jeff Tish shows just how people can be at odds with themselves over the constitution. One cannot say, “more concerned with the Constitution and a government that follows it’s own laws” and then say, “We never cared about the birth certificate…we’re not interested in conspiracy theory’s”. Congress made 22 attempts to change Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 in just 5 years prior to Obama’s swearing in as POTUS. Then once elected he spends tons of money to hide ALL documents (not just the birth certificate). Maybe Jeff should have said he is more concerned with the constitution, except for Article 2, section 1, clause 5.

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