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Cook Political & Inside Elections Shifts PA-6 After Costello Retirement

The Cook Political Report and Inside Elections updated their ratings for the 6th Congressional district to “likely Democrat” in light of Congressman Ryan Costello’s retirement.

Costello’s decision “puts Democrat Chrissy Houlahan in the driver’s seat to take over a very favorably redrawn seat” according to Cook.  

“Costello is probably the only Republican who had a shot at winning a district that was made more Democratic under the new congressional map ordered by the state Supreme Court. It now includes all of Chester County and Reading, and Costello currently represents 50 percent of the newly drawn 6th District,” Inside Elections wrote.

Houlahan, an Air Force veteran and former AND1 executive, is the likely Democratic nominee in the district as the only Democrat to file to be on the ballot.  

From Cook:

Costello had suggested impeaching the judges who imposed the map. Ultimately, he bowed out. A second Republican, attorney Greg McCauley, filed for the May 15 primary and had been challenging Costello from the right. The former Wendy’s restaurant franchise owner is now the likely GOP nominee, but his positions on guns and immigration put him to the right of the district and he begins with a massive resource disadvantage.

Houlahan, an Air Force veteran who became an executive for the AND1 athletic wear brand, ended 2017 with $950,000 and is frequently billed as one of her party’s top recruits. Had Costello stayed in the race, AND1’s outsourcing and labor conditions in Asia could have become a line of attack that kept him in the fight. Without him, however, the race moves from the Toss Up column to the Likely Democratic column.

16 Responses

  1. Please don’t call Ryan Costello a “Republican”- a hack yes— incompetent yes— lacking in character, competence and courage- yes. The Chester county Republican Cabal is self destructing— they will lose all elections this year- it isn’t Trump or left wing progressives- it’s disgust with Val and the cabal that is a case study in how a political group grows irrelevant. The leadership of Chester County Republican group should resign-give voters a choice not mediocrity and havks

    1. What sewer grate did you just pop out of meth head. Don’t know how having the State GOP Chair be the County GOP Chair can be a bad thing. There is obviously a reason you mentioned Trump and the “Resistance”, because that is the real issue here. I’m sure its hard to run in a party where the President has no morals and you have two kids under 5, meanwhile crazy communists are showing up at your house harassing your wife and writing LTEs about seeing that your blinds are drawn? Yeah, if you wouldn’t put your life, future and family in front of your career at that point, you need to reconsider your thought process.

  2. It was “likely” Democrat with Costello in the race. That’s why he quit (like a little snowflake).

    1. lol the only “likely” thing in this race would have been Houlahan “likely” crying every night about the whole state knowing how bad she abused her child labor slaves in China. Hopefully McCauley or whoever else runs punches her with all that stuff, because it’s damning.

  3. This will be interesting. The other R’s running were trying to run to the right of Costello. Given his Conservative voting record, that would be tough to do. Have to see how their message plays. Expect a ton of fake news on the Dem. They will try to destroy her. It is the only thing they can do.

    1. Costello was a pretty moderate Republican by any account. Shows that you must be pretty far left to think he was far right.

      1. Nope. He spoke one way and voted another way. Not a moderate but he tried to play one on TV

        1. I’m guessing this Ken Davis is the same Ken Davis that just started paying attention to politics in 2016 and probably looks at 538’s vote tracker like its the gospel. This Ken Davis probably drinks wine coolers and 0% alcohol beer.

          1. Nope – Johnnie Walker doubled black, neat. Never had a wine cooler in my life. As for beer, prefer Kona Big Wave, Yuengling or just plain old Miller Lite.

            So, you are an on-line stalker?

          2. BTW – where did you come up with the wine cooler and 0% beer? Wine coolers are for women and 0% beer isn’t beer at all. Are you really so concerned about people’s opinions, that you literally stalk them? Also, you still managed to get the wrong person. LOL! Today’s right wing.

          3. Oh and 538 is OK I guess but far from infallible. I don’t follow their vote tracker. You? Levin? Alex Jones?

    2. This “Ken Davis” is NOT, NOT, I. I am the Ken Davis who was a Lower Merion Township Commissioner and Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party. I do not know this other Ken Davis.

      1. Hey, I do apologize. I am in no way trying to pretend to be you. Honestly, I have never heard of you. I live in Chesco. Sorry for the confusion. I will shorten the hame in future posts to avoid this again.

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