Cook Political Report Shifts House Ratings After New Map Released

The Cook Political Report has updated its House ratings after the state Supreme Court redrew the Congressional map after ruling the old map unconstitutional.

According to the report, Democrats have a chance to pick up at least nine seats in this year’s election.  

The seven districts that Cook shifted are the new 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 16th, and 17th districts.  

Six of the seven shifts move seats in favor of Democrats.  The only shift towards Republicans is the new 11th district that would be represented by Congressman Lloyd Smucker which moved from ‘likely R’ to ‘solid R.’  

The new map shows likely major gains for Democrats in the southeast. The new 5th district, which will be an open seat with the retirement of Congressman Pat Meehan, shifts from a ‘lean D’ to a ‘likely D’ and moves in Cook’s PVI score from R+1 to D+13.  

The 6th district, which remains Congressman Ryan Costello’s seat, shifts from a ‘lean R’ to a ‘toss up’ and the PVI goes from a R+2 to D+2.  

The entire ranking can be viewed below.

9 Responses

    1. A map that slightly favors Republicans replaced a map that was gerrymandered to drastically favor Republicans. Heavens to Betsy, what a gross miscarriage of justice to create a map that better reflects the partisan make-up of the Commonwealth!

  1. Saccone is the right person for this time.We will have a brighter future with Saccone as the next Congressman !

    1. “A chicken in every pot and ‘In God We Trust’ plastered in every taxpayer funded public school”

      How could that possibly go wrong?

      1. AS A Latino :AN IMPORTANT PART OF NEWS IS TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT DEMOCRATS,in general, and Senator Tammy Baldwin and Congressman Mark Pocan’s Assumed support of the Hispanic Community. PLEASE! GET THE WORD OUT.
        The rush to elect political officials like Senator Tammy Baldwin or Congressman Mark Pocan, whose brutal Sex Tourism with children in Costa Rica has encouraged Evangelical Fabricio Alvarado Muños to run for President in April, 2018.

        Dem. Congressman Mark Pocan, god-like pedophile, in concert with the LGBT network, supports candidate Carlos Alvarado. They are poised to take control of the government. What this election revealed:

        ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community) Vs. Christians:

        Dr. Glen Barry P.h.d. UW Madison, WI Wrote : ” The public of then State Assemblyman Mark Pocan’s admission in my presence of having raped children while traveling to Costa Rica for child sex tourism. I still remember vividly him play acting as he demonstrated for a group of close friends how children are able to be penetrated not only from the rear as they bend over, but also from the front as kids are nimble enough to recline while standing. His friends Doug, Tom, Andy, Kyle, Mike and a couple others thought this was hilarious. After being threatened by Mr. Pocan when later referring to the matter, and considering my state funded University research position at risk, I chose to not socialize with Pocan and his entourage again. Sadly, given the power differential and my own history of being a victim of childhood sexual abuse, I remained silent for too long.
        Senator Tammy Balwin & Congressman Pocan use the 2nd Congressional District, because it has Dane County with more population than all the remaining districts combined. Both the Senator & the Congressman promote or participate in Same Sex Marriage, Abortion, & Pedophilia, & get Funding from all major cities in the USA. Todays LGBT VOTERS IN Costa Rica ARE THE RESULT OF THOUSANDS OF CHILD MOLESTATIONS OVER DECADES. USA included.
        La prisa para elegir a los funcionarios políticos, como el congresista Mark Pocan, cuya brutal del turismo sexual con niños en Costa Rica ha alentado evangélicos Fabricio Alvarado Muños postularse para presidente en abril de 2018.
        El congresista demócrata Mark Pocan, como dios pedófilo, en concierto con la red LGBT, apoya candidato Carlos Alvarado. Ellos están listos para tomar el control del gobierno. Lo que esta elección ha revelado:
        (Lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, transgéneros Comunidad) Vs. Los cristianos:
        El Dr. Glen Barry P.h.d. UW Madison, WI escribió : ” La pública de entonces Estado Asambleísta Mark Pocan admission (de sus recuerdos sabrosos) en mi presencia de haber violado a niños mientras viajo a Costa Rica para el turismo sexual infantil. Todavía recuerdo vívidamente que actuando demostró para un grupo de amigos cercanos cómo los niños son capaces de ser penetrados, no sólo desde la parte trasera cuando se doblan, sino también desde la parte delantera como los niños son lo suficientemente ágiles para reclinarse mientras se están penetrando de pie. Sus amigos Doug, Tom, Andy, Kyle, Mike y un par de otros pensaban que esto era divertidísimo. Después de ser amenazado por el Sr. Pocan cuando más adelante le heche la brava a la cuestión, y teniendo en cuenta mi estado financial y my posición universitaria en riesgo, opté por no socializar con Pocan y su séquito de nuevo. Lamentablemente, dado el diferencial de poder y mi propia historia de ser víctima de abuso sexual infantil, me aguante en silencio durante demasiado tiempo.
        El senador Tammy Balwin y Congresista Pocan utilisan el 2º Distrito Congresional, porque tiene el Condado de Dane con más población que el resto de distritos combinados. Tanto el senador y el Diputado dan apoyo o participan en el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo, el aborto y la pedofilia, y obtienen financiación de todas las principales ciudades de los Estados Unidos. Los votantes LGBT hoy en Costa Rica SON EL RESULTADO DE ABUSO SEXUALMENTE DE MILES DE NIÑOS S durante décadas. Ee.Uu. incluido.

  2. Don’t vote against your own interests.
    Saccone is wrong, wrong, wrong for Pennsylvania.
    Not suited for these times, which call for highly focused, knowledgeable and intelligent leaders.

    Saccone will destroy Medicare and Social Security along with Trump and House/Senate Republicans. That is the Paul Ryan Plan.
    To fit in, Saccone will do their bidding.

    GOP stands for Greed Over People. Lobbyists wrote their tax bill. Now outside money is coming in to elect a Republican. Don’t fall for the propaganda from the Koch Brothers and their ilk. Conor Lamb is a great candidate.

    Enough beleaguered white house aides have told us how inept this presidency has been. GOP Senator Bob Corker admitted aides have literally been running an adult day care center at the white house, every day having to contain Mr. Trump due to erratic behavior and worsening instabilities.

    You earned your Social Security and Medicare. You paid into these programs for your retirement years. Don’t be fooled into voting for a man who will endanger what was promised to you.
    Saccone WILL NOT protect your benefits.

    1. I completely agree. Saccone is a terrible candidate and can’t compete against an honorable military Veteran who can bring fresh ideas to Washington.

      1. Why isn’t Conor Lamb a great candidate? He opposes anyone who wants to “restructure Social Security and Medicare” restructure in this case means cutting benefits. Or you could agree with Saccone that he would support changes to delivery of services…..what does that mean…..we’re slow and don’t understand weasel words. He’s for changes to leadership in the House Republican and Democratic caucus’ (Yes that means Nancy Pelosi regardless of the dark money ads that continue to run stating he is a supporter of Pelosi). When Saccone was asked at the debate where he differs with Trump his reply……he rooted for the Patriots and I was for theSteelers….really Rick you could’ve done better but you really can’t.

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