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Cook Political Shifts PA-18 to Lean Republican

The Cook Political Report updated its rating for PA-18 from ‘likely Republican’ to ‘lean Republican.’

The Report announced the change in a tweet today.  

The 18th district will hold a special election to replace former Congressman Tim Murphy (R-Allegheny) who resigned earlier this year amid a scandal including an extra-marital affair and accusations of mistreatment of staff.  

In the special election, scheduled for March 13th, will match Democratic former U.S. Assistant Attorney Conor Lamb and Republican state Rep. Rick Saccone.

8 Responses

  1. You are probably right about Lamb being the best Democrat candidate for the seat. But coming from the People’s Republic of Philadelphia where our overwhelming Democratic City Council just passed legislation requiring all small merchants to remove the bullet proof plexi-glass shields they were forced to construct to ward off armed robberies I do not find the progressive wing of the Democratic Party very sane either.

  2. The last Dem. who ran in this district was also a marine veteran and, as a proven vote getter in Washington County, not a Mt. Lebanon “progressive”, really did fit this district. he ended up doing no better than any other Dem. who ran for this seat since 2002. Instead of running the special election along with the primary election and allowing Dem. voters in the district to decide, the Dem. committee decided to stack the deck in favor of their chosen candidate, the aforementioned Mt. Lebanon liberal, in an endorsement process in which a few committee members made the choice for those registered in the party. This in a year in which they could have chosen a blue dog Democratic woman candidate who, among the contenders, is the only one to have actually won elected office, and that as a first time candidate in which she led three men who possessed the power of incumbency. This puts the lie to the myth of the Democratic “Big Tent”. I’ve seen stories in the Tribune Review and Daily Beast, over the past few days, touting this race as “the next step after Alabama”. However, these characterizations are coming only from the Dem. candidate himself, as well as his “operative”, not any party that would bring actual attention and/or resources to the contest. The most ironic part of all of this is at the end of the Daily Beast piece in which a Dem. operative refers to this as the long road from Montgomery to Monessen. If they actually believe that they can make a race of it, the Dems. might be well advised to first know the district. Monessen is not a part.

      1. Who mentioned Pam? You can be dismissive and demand purity tests, or you can actually look at the make up of this district and it’s voting history. That’s your choice, but if you choose to do the later you may feel good about yourself, but you will never start prevailing in marginal districts.

        1. People like you miss the whole point. As usual. You can’t learn this in school and you can’t have a late start.

          1. Furthermore, Gina is no Blue Dog Dem. She’s a repub who used the Dem Party to get elected. She doesn’t even live in Westmoreland County. That didn’t come out during the 2015 Commissioner’s race. That’s how well you pay attention.

            On top of all that, stop attacking Liberals. You fail to understand what Revolution is all about.

          2. I’d worry more about yourself missing the point. BTW, I am a liberal, but I also recognize that there are marginal districts, such as the 18th CD, in which just spouting talking points will not cut it if you actually want to expand Democratic seats. Unlike your initial profanity addressed at Larry and Pam, that’s not attacking anyone, it’s a fact born out of not having learned this in school, nor late, but actually understanding this district. Also, I had to hit you over the head to get you to understand that I was not referring to Pam. That, in itself, does not say much about how clued into this you really are. My guess is that you work for the party at some level.

  3. Conor Lamb served his country in the military and is a strong Democratic candidate. He fits the district and voters need to stop just pulling “R” because “R” is no longer a sane party.

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