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Cook Rates PA As A Toss Up In Initial 2022 Governor Ratings

Pennsylvania’s Senate race isn’t the only Toss Up in 2022, according to this national ratings outlet.

In the Cook Political Report’s first Governor ratings for the 2021 and 2022 cycles, Pennsylvania is listed as one of three states that are considered to be Toss Ups. Arizona and Maryland are the other two in the same category. 

“Democrats have to defend the open Pennsylvania seat, and while it starts in Toss Up for now, it’s one that could be tough for Republicans to challenge,” writes Jessica Taylor for Cook

Cook also provides a list of potential candidates in the “2021/2022 Governors At-A-Glance” analysis. 

“This list of potential candidates for the 2021/2022 elections is highly speculative and contains names that have been mentioned as either publicly or privately considering candidacies, or worthy of consideration as candidates or recruiting prospects by the parties or interest groups,” the analysis states. “This list will be updated each week.”

Since Gov. Tom Wolf is term-limited, there’s multiple candidates mentioned under the Democratic and Republicans parties for the 2022 race. 

Under the Democratic Party potential candidate list, Cook names Attorney General Josh Shapiro, former Treasurer Joe Torsella, and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. 

No Democrat has formally announced a bid for Governor yet. 

On the GOP side, Cook mentions U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, state Sens. Camera Bartolotta and Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, former Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, former state Senator and 2018 Governor candidate Scott Wagner, former Lt. Governor candidate Jeff Bartos, former Pennsylvania House Speaker Mike Turzai, former Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader Dave Reed, and former Lackawanna County Commissioner Laureen Cummings. 

Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale is the lone Republican to formally announce his entrance into the 2022 race. 

Cook Political Report’s final 2018 ratings listed the Governor’s race between Gov. Tom Wolf (D) and GOP state Sen. Scott Wagner as “Likely Democratic.” In 2014, Cook’s final ratings placed the race between Gov. Tom Corbett (R) and Democratic challenger Tom Wolf as “Likely Democratic.”

See Cook Political Report’s full 2021/2022 Governors At-A-Glance here.

14 Responses

  1. I agree with gulag Pittsburgh that Dem party has become a joke in PA and USA and any GOP is better.

    1. No chance. I personally don’t think trump incited the riot, but Mastiano sure did.

  2. For Gov in 2022 R’s best shot Toomey is in their political doghouse but he could win. Josh Shapiro is a dynamic Dem and only Dem State Row officer to defeat Team Trump in 2020.

  3. R’s seem intent on walking off the political cliff worshipping Trump. Romney would have a good chance at PA but Trump is a sure loser in 2024 in Pa.

  4. Mike Kelly??? He’s nothing but a Trump flunky and a dumb, lazy used car salesman.

  5. Former Lt. Governor Jim Cawley would be an excellent pick to win the Governors Mansion. He is a moderate that would be able to fend off challenges from the hard right and left.

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