Cook Upgrades Meehan Re-election to “Solid Republican”

Pat Meehan portraitRep. Patrick Meehan (R-Delaware) can breath a little bit easier according to the Cook Political Report. His 7th congressional district has been deemed a “Solid Republican” seat by the highly-regarded prognosticators at the non-partisan Cook Political Report.

The district had previously been labeled “Likely Republican” but PA-07 was one of only four districts to change ratings since last month’s rankings. The website described the seat and it’s Representative thusly:

Meehan has emerged as one of the most middle-of-the-road voices in the 2010 freshman class in the House, becoming one of just 20 Republicans to call for a clean continuing resolution during the government shutdown. A former prosecutor with a non-political reputation and a district redrawn to protect him, it’s easy to see why Democrats are having such a tough time recruiting here.

Meehan does not yet have a declared challenger. He first won election to Congress with 55% of the vote in 2010 and was re-elected two years later in the newly redistricted PA-07 by a nineteen point margin. In the 2012 presidential race, Mitt Romney edged out President Obama in the district 50.4% to 48.5%.

Altogether in its December assessment, the Cook Political Report considers only 73 out of 435 congressional districts in any way competitive. The only Pennsylvania district to make the list was Pennsylvania’s 8th, represented by Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) and rated “Lean Republican”.

11 Responses

  1. Not all blame on Delco leaders. Where are Chairs from Montgomery, Chester and Berks. We could back a strong woman, who is currently running in 13th. Or former candidates in any of those areas.

  2. Not all the blame should be put on Delco leaders. Montgomery County shows no leadership. Their county chair just concentrates on a safe 13 th win. Chester county leaders are just as unconcerned. Berks is not even on the radar. A strong woman would get lots of grassroots support. And could bring in $ and volunteers. Enlist one from the many who are. Competing in other primaries.

  3. delco observer-

    Unfortunately,problem is not only the Delco Dem “leadership” being unable to recruit candidates. The problem is that candidates know they can’t count on the “leadership” to have effective infrastructure and field operations.

    So, unless you can get a candidate like Sestak who can run his own field operations, or replace the “leadership”, it’s just sending lambs to the political slaughter.

  4. Listen up Dems…Pat Meehan is one female Democratic Candidate away from being retired…unfortunately Democratic Party Leadership is unable to seal the deal with such a candidate because leadership struggles to make a case to the potential candidates and donors for winning on account of Delco Dem party’s anemic performance in non-presidential election years.

  5. Barbara-
    I too have suggested Daylin as candidate, since he resides in the 7th, under the current redistricting. Running in the 13th is a much easier path to congress for him, even with the crowded field.

  6. I have made at least 6 suggestions for a Dem to run in 7th, including at least 2 who are running in 13th. Of course, the terrible Meehan looks good. You can’t beat anyone with no one. The “moderate” Meehan told an audience of Seniors that he favored cutting Social Security. Not only heartless but stupid.

  7. With the recent news of AG Kane planning a run for Senate in 2016, maybe Sestak should run for PA 7 instead.

    He’s not going to beat Kane, and he can start running for 2014 now. It’s about the same time of year he started running for 2006 race, but this time people know who he is and he has a $1 million head start.

  8. Not shocking when you consider there is NO candidate recruitment going on and the Delco Dems inept leadership (which controls the largest part of the district) has no prospects, and no plans. Having just managed to lose all county officers again, the Dem Leadership in Delco inspires no confidence so why would they be able to convince a top line candidate to beat Flat Pat.

  9. When Sestak ran for Senate, he took $4.5 raised to hold the seat, (above and beyond the $3-$4 used to put him in the seat) and threw it away on the Senate race.

    With the new gerrymandering, it’s going to take more than $3 million to win it back.

  10. UGH!
    There is no district that cannot be won by the right person at the right time!!!

    What is lacking is a Democratic Party willing to help the grassroots recruit and fund that candidate in a timely way!

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