Corbett Campaign Promotes Record with Radio Ads

Gov. Corbett

Gov. Corbett

Over the last two weeks, Governor Tom Corbett has been traveling the state promoting his reelection bid and for those that missed his stump speech in person, the campaign is running two positive radio ads.

The first ad to generate attention last week, called “Looking Out,” focused on the Governor’s record on education.

Schools across the state had a cumulative $1 billion less money to work with following Corbett’s first budget. But that mostly wasn’t due to state-level decreases, a distinction that Corbett wants to make clear during this campaign.

The ad makes the case that when Corbett took office, federal stimulus dollars for education had expired and that he has increased state funding to basic education.

Pennsylvania Democrats aren’t buying it.

“Tom Corbett can run all the radio ads he wants, but he can’t do anything to hide his true record. Corbett cut education by $1 billion, sunk Pennsylvania to 43rd in the nation in job creation, and insulted Pennsylvanians of all walks of life,” PA Dems spokesman Marc Eisenstein told PoliticsPA. “Pennsylvanians will see through Corbett’s misleading ads and elect a Democratic governor who has the character and integrity to lead the Commonwealth forward.”

In making that claim, Corbett’s campaign is including state funding that went toward schools’ pension obligations in addition to money that went for classrooms.

The other ad, which garnered a bit less attention, is entitled “Mess” and chronicles the troubles that Corbett inherited when he took office, including a $4.2 billion (“Billion with a “B”) deficit. Despite what the ad calls “insider pressures” to raise taxes, it lauds Corbett for cutting wasteful spending including public employee cars and WAMs.

Over sparkling music, the narrator announces that Corbett’s policies not only eliminated the deficit but also his lower tax rates led to the creation of 140,000 private sector jobs.

“Tom Corbett: keeping his promise to restore fiscal sanity in Harrisburg,” the ad concludes.

These positive ads come at a time when Corbett is being hit from an enormous field of Democratic challengers for his job. Education cuts are one of their primary critiques of his record. .


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4 thoughts on “Corbett Campaign Promotes Record with Radio Ads”

  1. Me says:

    How many Tom Corbetts does it take to change a lightbulb?

    One, because that’s the only job Tom Corbett is fit to do.

    How many Tom Corbetts does it take to teach a class of Kindergarteners?

    Trick question: The school’s funding got eliminated and the building got torn down and paved over to make room for a gas drilling rig and a Wal-Mart.

  2. PAINDY1 says:

    Tom Corbett and his K-12 Inc Imbed Charly Zogby are out for the Cyber Charter School Corporate Welfare Cabal. This radio ad is the height of hypocrisy. Wake up voters before your educational choice will be down to a computer screen supplemented by a Bangalore call center. COS GROMIS Baker: Please disclose what Ad contracts and political strategic contracts Acting Governor has with Cyber Charter School Corporate Welfare Queens?

  3. basile says:

    He has killed the future for children living in poverty. He should be ashamed of himself for what he has done to the children and poor of Pennsylvania! “What about the children” indeed!

    A buget is a moral document!- MLK

  4. delco observer says:

    Tom Corbett…heavy on spin…light on truth…#OneTermTom

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