Corbett-Cawley Campaign Launches “Building a Future” Ad (VIDEO)

Governor Corbett is confident that the state has made tangible progress and he is hoping to translate that progress to his poll numbers.

The Corbett-Cawley campaign unveiled their first general election commercial titled “Building a Future”.

The ad features gorgeous views of Pennsylvania’s countryside, as well as the copious industrial areas located throughout the state. Focusing on increased investment, business growth, and the upswing in the state’s economy, Governor Corbett is confident that the state has made tangible progress.

Corbett states that PA’s unemployment stands at the lowest level since September of 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Taking pride in this fact, the Governor comments that, “we had a vision of a future in which the Keystone state was the best place to invest, the best place to work.”

The spot asserts that not only has the Governor’s administration protected jobs in Pennsylvania, its helped create 178,400 new private sector jobs in the last three years through keeping its commitment to low tax rates. As a result, private sector jobs in the state currently stand at the all-time high of 5,078,000.

Outlining drawing businesses and industries back to the state as his primary goal, Corbett pledges to continue his pro-growth policies if re-elected in November.

David N. Taylor, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association believes the state’s rapid growth is due to Governor Corbett and others in the general assembly who promise, as Corbett does, “to grow industry, not government.”

Corbett’s aspires to “pass to the next generation a Commonwealth that is debt-free, one that is better than we found it.”

The Governor argues that with the recent surge in natural gas employment this prospect is attainable.

Governor Corbett’s communications direct Chris Pack echoed the positive sentiments of the advertisement in an attached statement.

“Governor Tom Corbett is building a stronger Pennsylvania, and that’s a story we’re excited to tell to the voters. Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate is at a five-year low and we have more people working in the state’s private sector than at any other point in history. Governor Tom Corbett is building a stronger Pennsylvania for our future, and he’s not done yet.”

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  1. All the “growth” in jobs on the natural gas industry is people from out of state parachuting in to work, not PA workers. What are the stats on decrease in people searching for work or that have left the work force? What about the loss of employment in state and municipal workers, teachers, etc? He is growing jobs for out of staters and low paying jobs, while taking away good paying jobs for residents. Great track record! And let’s not even talk about the deficits he is creating.

  2. The only thing that I see getting stronger is Acting Governor Brabender’s net worth. I hear the ching ching from this ad; just like I heard the ching ching for his strategic poltiical consulting work in Putting JEFF ROMOFF FIRST! IDEA: WHY NOT REFUND THE CORBETT CAMPAIGN COFFERS BACK TO ALL YOUR DONORS OR CREATE A PHILANTHROPHIC FUND IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT FUTURE GENERATIONS OF PENNSYLVANIANS, TOM AND SUE CORBETT!

  3. “pass to the next generation a Commonwealth that is debt-free, one that is better than we found it.”

    That’s funny, because Corbett is leaving PA worse than he found it.

    Fortunately, he’s leaving this year.

  4. Tom Corbett and Acting Governor Brabender have made the Keystone State a brighter world for the Cyber Charter Corporate Welfare Queen Mafia, for Large Fracking companies and for World Class UPMC Jeff Romoff. If you don’t fall into these narrow categories, you probably want change, like 80% of Pennsylvanians. Do you hear the call of change?

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