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Corbett Launches First Campaign Ad (With Video)

Governor Corbett’s campaign is making its first advertising push of the 2014 campaign: a web video that emphasizes job creation.

It harkens back to the tone and message of his 2010 campaign.

“There are thousands of Pennsylvanians who are doing something many of them haven’t done in a long time. They’re getting ready for work,” says a narrator over upbeat music and b roll of people going through their morning routines.

“That’s because since Tom Corbett became Governor, Pennsylvania has created a remarkable 116,000 new private sector jobs.”

The number comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and was confirmed in an analysis by the Business Journals.

The spot was produced by Pittsburgh-based Brabender Cox, Corbett’s longtime ad agency. The campaign is being advertised via social media sites and google ads

Pennsylvania accounts for 2.4% of the nearly 5 million jobs created nationally since he took office in January 2011.

The problem for Corbett? Pennsylvania’s rate of growth, 1.01%, lags the national average of 2.03%.

Pennsylvania’s job growth has been a big point of contention so far this year. Democrats have loudly criticized Corbett because the state’s rate of job creation has fallen behind the rest of the nation. The state was ranked 41st in May.

Pa. Democratic party spokesman Marc Eisenstein reiterated his critique of Corbett’s record.

“Tom Corbett’s new campaign ad cannot possibly hide his disastrous economic record,” he said. “Since he became Governor, Pennsylvania has dropped from 7th in the nation in job creation to 46th, the rest of the nation is creating jobs faster than the Commonwealth, and Corbett has caused 18,000 teachers to lose their jobs.”

Pa. ranks 46th in a less commonly used measure of job growth.

Corbett’s supporters note that Pennsylvania’s demographics make it less competitive in the rate of growth category and argue the state has taken a ‘slow and steady wins the race’ approach under governors of both parties.

Democratic rivals are lining up to challenge Corbett in 2014, and the Governor’s inability to force the legislature to pass any of his top three policy priorities before the summer recess means his campaign must kick into gear earlier and harder.

The Pa. unemployment rate fell from 7.6% to 7.5% last month, the first time it went below the national rate since July 2012. However, the state lost net 9,200 jobs.

Corbett web ad jobs

7 Responses

  1. Corbett and his GOP legislature have overreached. How are they focused on job creation when they silence openly gay representative Brian Sims from speaking out on, “God’s law.” How are Republicans for the health and prosperity of the state when they refuse federal funds to expand health coverage for 700,000 Pennsylvanians? Nope. I’ll be campaigning hard to get these jokes out in 2014.

  2. This is classic Brabender, and that’s not a good thing. Way too Hollywood-ish, way too cinematic to be an effective ad. He loves spending $50,000 to create these ads, and they just aren’t effective. An old school alarm with actual bells on it? Ridic. Corbett’s numbers will not move up. They go sideways at best as a result of this silly ad.

  3. So in effect they are saying that they inherited a strong economy, better able to weather the economic downturn. Who did that? Was it the same Ed Rendell who a leading Corbett administration figure accused of foisting Ponzi schemes on the Commonwealth? Corbett inherited an economy that, reversing decade long trends, had an unemployment rate lower than the national average. That hasn’t been true for most of this administration.

  4. The GOP’s strategy for re-electing Corbett
    is to LIE. When all else fails, LIE.

  5. @Tom – they say PA got to 7th because the recession disproportionately impacted so many other states, but hit PA relatively less hard.

  6. This doesn’t make any sense — “Corbett’s supporters note that Pennsylvania’s demographics make it less competitive in the rate of growth category and argue the state has taken a ‘slow and steady wins the race’ approach under governors of both parties” — if it’s true that PA was 7th before he took office. 7th is not “slow and steady” — it’s fast and furious.
    So what did Corbett do to slow PA down?

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