Corbett Makes ‘Daily Show’ Segment on Medicaid

corbett on daily show

In a new ‘Daily Show’ segment that aired last night, PA Governor Tom Corbett helped one of Jon Stewart’s correspondents get out yet another joke at his expense.

In the segment, correspondent Al Madrigal talked about the states that turned down Medicaid expansion and how it’s affecting the working poor. President Obama’s Affordable Care Act would have allowed states to take federal funds to expand these programs for low-income Americans. Originally, 19 states declined to take this offer.

Madrigal shows, in the map graph of the segment, which states these are. Corbett said that he was still fearful of the costs it would bring, though federal funding would take care of all the costs for the first three years with a gradual decline after that, stopping at 90%. Eventually, Corbett decided to reject Medicaid expansion.

Madrigal sat down with some of the people who are affected by their state declining expansion, who all said that they certainly could’ve used the medical aid.

“So bravo Texas, Tennessee, Florida, and all the others who stood up to the five million working poor, desperate for help,” Madrigal says over pictures of lawmakers from these 19 states, one photo being of Corbett.

Corbett has come out with his own Medicaid plan based on private insurance. The plan is called Healthy PA, and with this, the state would accept public dollars to finance private insurance for 500,000 Pennsylvania residents.

Arkansas and Iowa have similar proposals, but Corbett’s has one stipulation that other states don’t: beneficiaries must be actively seeking employment.

“Washington cannot and should not tell citizens want they can buy,” Corbett said at the time of his proposal. “We should not have a one-sized fits all solution from Washington. I believe we must build a plan from the grassroots up growing the private healthcare market while reducing government intervention.”

9 Responses

  1. Just like R. Limbaugh, Jon Stewart is an entertainer, albeit a funnier entertainer. Right?

  2. More “objective analyst”, From the Wall Street Journal:

    “The truth is that Mr. Corbett and the state’s Republican legislature have accomplished little in the way of reform over the past three years to stoke economic growth. The governor has proven unable to corral his caucus to pass even de minimis pension, school and tax reforms. The GOP’s moderates and tea party wing have often tangled over the size and scope of reforms while Mr. Corbett sat on the sidelines.”

    “As a result, Mr. Corbett can’t claim any signature political achievement or substantive economic progress—which would have helped defuse public anger at his turning a blind eye to the Penn State child-sex abuse scandal while he was state attorney general. His approval rating plummeted in the wake of allegations that he abetted the cover-up by failing to prosecute molester Jerry Sandusky.”

  3. Yeah about that Arkansas thing. They are trying to discontinue it. So when Tommy Boy tries the same stunt what are you, I’m referring to the two blockheads calling the third person a communist and apologist, going to have to say for yourselves?

  4. Basile,
    You’re a Democrat apologist who loves David Diano. Not exactly the most objective analyst.

  5. Joe——I feel The Jon Stewart Show, for the most part, and this segment of the show is spot on! I am not a communist. A Christian yes, a communist no! I cannot speak for Jon Stewart or this site.

  6. Seems as though, like John Stewart and The Daily Show, that the writers of PoliticsPA, like Jordan Krom, are just nothing more than mouth-pieces for the Communist Democrats. There is no actual news in this country, just Pravda style propaganda for the Democrats.

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