Corbett Names New Press Secretary

Tom Corbett portrait loresGovernor Corbett named Jay Pagni as his new Press Secretary. As the official spokesman for the governor, he will handle relations with state and national media.

“Jay brings a high level of professionalism to his relationships with members of the media and a deep working knowledge of key legislative issues,” said Governor Corbett in a press release. “I am pleased to appoint him to this role of communicating the policy objectives of my administration and the important role of meeting the media’s needs.”

It’s the Governor’s ongoing effort to square away his communications team in advance of a tough 2014 re-election year.

Pagni replaces longtime Corbett aide Kevin Harley, who served as the Governor’s spox until leaving the administration in August. Harley went on to GOP consulting firm Quantum Communications.

He is an administration insider. He served Corbett as the Director of Communications in the Office of the Budget, where he controlled communications involving “pension reform and redevelopment assistance.” The new spokesman also racked up sixteen years in media relations as the state Departments of Public Welfare and Health.

In a press release, the Governor’s office called Pagni “integral in messaging surrounding the Governor’s proposed and enacted budget.”

Pagni praised the governor and looks forward to representing the administration before the media.

“Governor Corbett continues to lead Pennsylvania in the areas of financial responsibility by balancing the state budget without raising taxes, developing a plan to provide quality, accessible health care for all Pennsylvanians, reforming government and creating jobs.”

7 Responses

  1. Kudos to Tom for hiring a new publicist. Obviously, it is a short-term appointment for Mr. Pagni, one that affords him time to find a more permanent position by next November. Whatever his faults, you got to admit that Tom takes care of his own.

  2. Dear Mr. Pagni: On page 30, of the Tilson report, a former K12 teacher of K12’s largest school in Agora, PA claims that the student/teacher ratio was 300/1. Can you speak to Shadow Ed Secretary Zogby and have him explain this number for me?

  3. WHY DO WE HAVE A K-12INC. IMBED, CHARLES ZOGBY AS OUR SHADOW SECRETARY OF EDUCATION?? From the Tilson report on K12 Inc.: “K12’s phone banks have figured out a way to target dropout and special ed kids. They will sign up anyone-as long as that warm body signs in periodically, K12 can draw enrollment money from the district……While K12 celebrates how many at-risk students it’s serving, I view it as an educational catastrophe in light of these students’ need for intensive personalized instruction and hence how inappropriate online education is for most of them….”

    bett_h.html Dear John L Micek: My condolences for not getting THE BIG JOB. Your puff piece did not push you over the top. My intelligence tells me that you just weren’t trustworthy enough for the Cyber Charter School cabal in the Brabender/Corbett Adminstration. Keep your chin up, pretend you are fighting for the Pennsylvania taxpayers public interest and stay on message, please.

  5. Please note Mr. Pagni comes out of the budget office. Are we having a K12 Inc. takeover or just a Zogby takeover or both of the Brabender/Corbett Adminstration? They now have a Budget Secretary, the Press Secretary and a Shadow Education Secretary. From Hedge Fund manager Whitney Tilson: “In summary, online schools are educationally appropriate for a very small number of students, which means that K12 and its peers need to be selective in recruiting students, and warn parents away whose kids are unlikely to succeed at an online school, especially at-risk youth. So what does K12 do? Exactly the opposite.”

  6. Eric Bradway Former Lower Merion Township Constable is running for Governor against Tom Corbett . What did Corbett Know and when did he know it about Jerry Sandusky

  7. Corbett/Brabedner Administration: Isn’t it time to ask Charles Zogby, Budget Secretary and K12 Inc. Imbed to resign: From Hedge Fund Manager and Former Charter Cyber Schooler, Whitney Tilson: “‘You’re totally right about K12 and,on top it, they lie all the time. It’s naive to trust anything they say. So I’m not sure if their schools can be fixed, at least under the company’s current leadership. There’s no such thing as a successful online school in the entire country. To be sure, it works well for some students, but I’d guess only 15% of the ones cyber charters are currently serving.'” CHARLES ZOGBY, BUDGET SECRETARY, SHADOW EDUCATION SECRETARY, AND K12 IMBED-PLEASE RESIGN AND OFFER AN APOLOGY TO WILLIAM HARNER.

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