HARRISBURG – Today during a conference call with reporters, Dan Onorato reaffirmed his commitment to keeping taxes on the table as a means to balance Pennsylvania’s budget as Governor.

During the call Onorato claimed he would try to balance the state’s budget without raising income, sales taxes, or fees according to the Philadelphia Daily News, and during a radio appearance on KDKA in Pittsburgh earlier in the day he declined to sign the no-tax pledge Tom Corbett signed over 6 months ago.

“Why won’t Dan Onorato take tax increases off the table? Because that’s the Onorato way. He has supported 10 tax, fee, and fine increases in Allegheny County, including the highest tax hike in that county’s history,” said Brian Nutt, Tom Corbett for Governor campaign manager.

  1. Onorato enacted the largest tax hike in Allegheny County history, the drink tax and car rental tax implemented in 2008
  2. Onorato called for a hospital tax
  3. Onorato voted to increase parking fines by 114%
  4. Onorato supported a 100% increase on pool fees
  5. Onorato supported a referendum on adding a half percent sales tax
  6. Onorato proposed an ambulance fee
  7. Onorato called for the study of an alcohol tax
  8. Onorato voted to increase the parking tax
  9. Onorato called for a 400% increase in the occupation tax
  10. Onorato proposed a special garbage tax, skipped a vote to stop increases in towing fees, and showed up to vote for garbage fees on churches and synagogues

“As many Pennsylvanians know, living within your means takes courage and commitment, both of which Tom Corbett displayed by pledging to keep state spending within its means and refusing to raise taxes as Governor,” Nutt said.

Onorato’s comments today are consistent with those from June when he said during the PLCM Annual conference, “I won’t sign a pledge because I can’t predict the future on anything right now.”

“Tom Corbett has met many Pennsylvanians during this race, and one thing he can predict for the future is that Pennsylvanians are hurting and they cannot continue to carry the burden of Harrisburg spending. And as governor, he will not ask them to,” concluded Nutt.

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