Corbett Will Not Appeal Voter ID Ruling

Gov. Corbett
Gov. Corbett

The Commonwealth Court recently upheld the injunction against the controversial Voter ID law, and now Governor Corbett announced they will not appeal the decision.

“The Commonwealth will not pursue an appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to overturn the Commonwealth Court’s decision to enjoin Act 18’s photo identification mandate. Based upon the court’s opinion, it is clear that the requirement of photo identification is constitutionally permissible. However, the court also made clear that in order for a voter identification law to be found constitutional, changes must be made to address accessibility to photo identifications,” Corbett’s statement reads.

“A photo identification requirement is a sensible and reasonable measure for the Commonwealth to reassure the public that everyone who votes is registered and eligible to cast a ballot.

“The Administration will work with the General Assembly to address these issues. However, through the current legislative term, we must remain focused on passing a balanced budget and addressing ongoing legislative priorities.”

The injunction against the law called the requirement of photo identification an undue barrier to voting.

9 Responses

  1. Is that why some Republicans work so hard to suppress voters because the Dems cheat in Philly?

  2. This was bungled from the start.. Pa should have used the state of Indiana’s law word for word. Already court tested.

  3. Metcalfe is another big loser with this decision. Turzai shouldn’t have been so boastful in guaranteeing a victory by Mittens because of the voter ID law. A wasted $1,000,000 in state taxpayer funds on outside legal costs and $6,000,000 in federal taxpayer funds to implement an illegal law. This should be made a campaign issue against everyone of the Republicans who supported this idiotic legislation.

  4. I’m surprised Corbett hasn’t got whiplash from the way he has attempted to slam himself towards the middle over the last several months. Voters in PA need to realize he is trying to slide into a second term so he can go full radical right over the next 4 years.

  5. Nice to see the Wolfies can’t ever stay on Topic. Just like the Koch-paid Commenters on every website. So, is Tommie W. paying his commenters, too?

  6. The Dems must be ecstatic. Now, they can cheat in Philly and try to make their way into the governor’s mansion.

  7. Devastating loss, devastating implementation, devastating duplicity. Who could think this could have possibly worked when the implementation, education, and cost factors were so well known. Good to see you “no mas,” One Term Tom!

  8. The headline should be:
    “Corbett is not appealing”

    “and addressing ongoing legislative priorities”.. getting in the last screw jobs before Corbett is removed from office by the voters (for his previous priorities)

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