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Costello Considering Ending Run: Report

Congressman Ryan Costello (R-Chester) is reportedly talking with GOP officials about ending his re-election bid.

According to the Inquirer, Costello has told GOP leaders he is uncertain if he will continue his re-election bid.  

From the Inquirer.

Among those facing a difficult challenge is Rep. Ryan Costello, who represents a Chester County-based swing district that Trump lost and that moved left in the recent redistricting imposed by the state Supreme Court.

Costello has told GOP officials that he was uncertain if he would seek reelection, given the shifting map and brutal political environment, according to four Republican sources. Costello is still circulating petitions to campaign but has not definitively said if he will run, leaving Republican leaders worried about having to scramble to find a replacement if he bows out.

Costello’s new Congressional district would have voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elecion by almost 10 points, based off our analysis of the new Congressional maps.

14 Responses

  1. NOW THAT HE HAS A REAL RACE LITTL RYAN WANTS TO RETIRE!!!!! This is spineless but predictable! hahahahahahahahhahaha

  2. The real reason Ryan Costello may leave is confusion. Ryan will be at a loss in the House without Charlie Dent telling him how to vote.

    1. The entire house will be at a loss without Congressman Charlie Dent. He’s a leader and it’s a loss that his voice of common sense will not be there next year.

  3. The Four Stooges- Dent, Meehan, Fitzpatrick and Ryan Costello are losers. They represent a degree of mediocrity that makes it easier for dens to win. This isn’t about the Supreme Court redistricting or Trump- it’s about 4 bankrupt and useless politicos- who were hacks and deserve to lose or be encouraged to step down. Little Boy Ryan is part of a Chester County Republican group that has turned this County Blue. The current Republican mediocrity leaves voters no choice- better a Dem than a RINO. Good riddance to the
    4 stooges- losers all.

  4. Ryan Costello is a slime worm, spineless coward, not a Governor. He’s a follower of the highest order, keeping his head down and never taking a stand on anything. He has used his position as Congressman solely to ensure he keeps his position as Congressman, never championing anything more controversial than a public park dedication. Now, he’s throwing a public temper tantrum, and everyone can see the toddler that those who know him and have met him have known about for years.

    Bye Ryan.

    1. Many people are upset by the new maps, this puts many in undesirable situations – not just mathematically but into new communities. Congressman Costello is still a junior member. In Congress, after majority, seniority means everything. In order to see your member have influence they must be there long enough to rise through the ranks. You want a member with influence in the house? Re-elect Ryan Costello. A noob in the minority party will basically be collecting a paycheck from you while they talk about how much their hands are tied.

      1. Republicans are not going to the majority party after midterms.

  5. He needs to file then after the time to drop out he should drop out and let the Republican put in a substitute nominee

  6. if he doesn’t run for reelection in 2018 maybe for he can run for governor in 2022 if tom wolf wins reelection in 2018 and for 2022 would be a better chance for Ryan Costello is to be the governor from Pennsylvania.

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